What temps are your QB boards putting off?

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  1. I have 2 set ups. One set up has a Kind XL600 blurple light at 320 watts and the other set up has a cob light bar at 315 watts. The temps at the kind light per heat gun at the light diodes are 81 degress. The temps at the cob lights is 151 degress. Take for granted the heat from the cob lights drop drastically to 87 degress about 8 inches away, but the heat from the blurple light drops to 75 degrees. For summer grow 12 degrees can mean a lot when trying to cool the grow space. I like the coolness the blurple light puts out but i like the better growth i get with the cobs. My question is for you fellow growers who use the QB's is what are the temps at the lights? I Want to get the growth like the cobs put out but the coolness from the blurple , and want to know if the QB's can achieve that.
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  2. My board heat sink temps get to 112f@250w. With a fan on top of it ~100.
  3. Keep in mind you can run higher temps with LED the leaf surface temps are what you need to gauge for what’s too hot and what’s not. Not necessarily the ambient temps.

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  4. I know leaf temps with leds should be higher, but in my case im trying to find the perfect blend of cobs or QB' s with the lower heat output of the blurple light, due to grow is in a garage where summer time temps get over 100. Im growing autos for summer grow so the autos can go outside during the day and bring them in at night under the led lights when the garage is cooler but still warm. For example instead of running my cobs with the ac on to grow area and only bringing ambient temps down to 90 degress i would like a QB or cob set up with ac running that would bring ambient temps to 80 degrees. I have my Kind light that runs cooler but i would prefer to run cob style or QB lights due to they grow denser and bigger nugs than the blurple light. Even if i mounted the cob driver outside the grow tent it is still hotter than the blurple light due to the heat sinks and how much more heat output the cobs put out vs the blurple diodes. Before i drop the coin on a QB set up i was just wondering if anyone has measured the heat output off of the cob lights themselves , and the heat sink with a combined overall temp output in the grow tent whuch would need to have outside grow tent temp reading to compare the difference in variation.
  5. I battle heat all summer. There is no winning. My qb 135w run as hot as 135 watts is. Reduce number of lights/watts or pay more for a/c and be cold in your own house in the summer. Qb watts are not cooler than hps watts. My plants start to show heat stress at 84f. Grasshopper should not have been playing his fiddle all winter when he could have turned on as many as possible with free heat to boot.
  6. Haha grasshopper wasn't playing his fiddle during the winter, but was growing 3 nice photoperiods that my space at that time allowed. Trying to see if the all the hype about QB's running cooler actually do in fact run cooler than cob lights. I have my blurple i can use no problem for heat i was just looking for a better light set up with the same low heat output as my kind blurple light but with the intensity of my rapid led cob set up.
  7. Thanks for the info i needed. That pretty much is the same temps my cob light set up puts out at the heat sinks. I was hoping for that maybe the QB's ran cooler due to such the large heat sink they atttach to. Well looks like i will use my cobs for winter photoperiod grows and my blurple for my summer time auto grows. Which the autos will still get good amount of light intensity due to being outdoors for most of the daylight.
  8. My qb 135w is not much cooler than my Blackdog 200 was. You can cheat a little and place the drivers outside the grow area and then that would be very cool. The lower wattage 135s are nice because they are modular and can be turned off periodically. This time of year I can get away with winter set up at night. But that wont last all summer. But I need to always have something growing or I get post partum depression and start wanting a baby. More money for the ac energy co. Good thing I'm saving on the low watt qbs.

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