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What temperature do you bake brownies at?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Uhhboo, Jan 10, 2010.

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    My brownie mix ( World Classics Chocolate Truffle Gourmet Brownie Mix ) calls for 350*F. Would it kill the thc in my brownies if I baked it for the recommended time which calls for
    25-30 minutes? This is my first time making brownies and with cannabutter. I've heard other
    recipes that tell you to lower the temperature down to 25*F left than the box calls, but you guys tell me please because this is my first time.

    What color should the cannabutter be?? this is the color of mines.

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  2. 350 is usually what they are baked at but at this point it really not about having the thc bond since that already happened with making the butter, its more about just making the brownies so you can eat them in a good form (unless you want to eat the batter. damn cookie dough would be good like that) but if you feel you don't like that 340 or 345 would never hurt they would just be sunken in a bit.
  3. Okay thanks but does my cannabutter looks potent? i used 1 stick of butter to 10grams of bud
  4. Doesnt look very potent but looks can be deceiving.

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  5. i simmered my canna butter outside for @ 140*F for 4 hours
  6. Thats probably not hot enough, how do you know the temperature?
  7. I used a candy thermometer or for those theromters that you stick in chicken to see if its fully cooked. I simmered it for 4 hours though.

    The butter/water mix hasn't been solidified yet but I think it can be my refriderator?? When I look in it, its still liquidy and heres a picture of the top of my ziploc bowl. Theres two different layers and the bottom layer is different color than the top layer.

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  8. Did you use real butter? Margirine wont come back together. Also 6hrs minimum in fridge should do it.
  9. I used Challenge Butter : European Style Creamier Taste & Silkier Texture, only about
    1 stick ( 1/2 cup ) was used + added two more tablespoons. NO margirine
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    dawg your butters probably spoiled or not potent at all. Who told you to leave it outside for 4 hours at 140 degrees?
  11. no-one did... I just simmered the butter+weed+water in a pot for four hours...
  12. Next time you should try the method that's stickied here. It works great. Probably alot better. You can try just eating a little bit of your butter on a cracker and see if it does anything for you.
  13. The steps I've done was

    poured 4 cups of water in a pan
    set on high until boiling
    reduce to low heat and add butter(1 stick)
    when butter is melted, i add 11 grams of bud(nugs)
    simmered for 4 hours

    (done this all outside to reduce smell )
  14. Yeah dude that sounds pretty legit! Did it work?
  15. It worked so well he's been stoned for 5 1/2 years off it.
  16. Haha I didnt realize how old this thread was. peace out fella


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