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What tells you you're stoned as hell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BasedgodVelli, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Like what happens while you're high that makes you sit back and say "Fuck, I'm really high"? For me usually it's watching TV and when a commercial comes on I forget what I just watched.
  2. whenever i just have my bong in hand and i get so high that i just sit there with the bowl half finished.
  3. For me it's when I'm surfing through channels and shit like Teleshopping draws me in.
  4. its that wooshing sound as you re-enter the room your in from where ever the hell you just were in your head.
  5. When I've taken a bong rip so big that it feels like my head is going to explode and that I stay still for 5 minutes

    When I laugh all by myself and start screaming which makes me laugh even more
  6. That's usually how I know... if I get so distracted from whatever I'm doing that I just zone out for a solid 5 minutes, I'm usually pretty well toasted. :smoke:
  7. When I get up.
  8. When I am laying on the floor with the music channel full blast dancing away........
  9. When i'm happy.

  10. This. I get so high that ill have my bong packed, and my pipe bowl half finished sitting on the table while im zoned, or forgetting to hit either for a long ass time. Dam distracting internet :p
  11. Whenever I just stare off into space, thinking no thoughts.

  12. Haha, it's excactly the same for me. :)
  13. LMFAO usually when i think of something in my head and laugh out loud by myself I'm just like "fuck I'm loaded rn".
  14. When I use both hands to rub my face as I say holy fuck
  15. When it feels like the couch is holding me back when trying to get up.

  16. That sounds like me. I'll be out Riding with my friends, and I'll just sit with my bowl in my hand and when i realize i still have good bud in it i feel like an idiot. :cool:
  17. When I'm sitting up, and then realize I'm laying down all of a sudden. I'm like "Was I already laying down? Ah, fuck it."
  18. When I wake up in front of a laptop screen with virtual dj running ... I was so high that I didn't know wtf I was doing

  19. Haha for sure. I always wake up infront of my PC with some crazy obscure site that I browsed to onscreen. :eek:

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