What system you got for your ride?

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  1. Im just interested to see what you guys are packing in your rides that make your car bounce. Im think bout putting some subs in my car but i just wondering what people out there have.
  2. I've got a Pioneer headunit, Pioneer dash speakers, Pioneer 6x9s in the backseat and a 10" Audiobahn sub with a 400watt Dual amp.
  3. I have a Pioneer cd player w/ xm radio. Four JL Audio 8x8s, I think. The front door speakers also have a JL Audio tweeter and both doors have an amp for it. Then I also have two 15 in subs that I have no clue what brand they are but hit pretty damn hard which is hooked up to a 1500 watt kicker amp.

  4. how much does that stuff cost. I was looking into something similar to that for bout 400 or so but its a little weaker
  5. I drive a honda accord that looks completely stock in every aspect except for the head unit in the dash cause i like to blend in.

    Infinity 2 way 5 1/2s in the front doors and Infinity 3 way 6x9s in the rear window deck amped by a 1000w Kenwood 4 channel.

    two 15" rockford subs in the trunk powered by a kenwood 1000w 2 channel.

    all run by a kenwood deck with 3 preouts and a usb connector to play mp3s from a thumb drive :)

    i can't turn it all the way up without seriously hurting my ears, but good equalized sound and zero distortion at any comfortable listening volume. and by comfortable i mean when you can hear it 5 blocks away with all the windows, doors, sunroof, trunk, etc shut.

    just so you know, i usually don't listen to it quite that loud. i like to hear what people are saying to me when i get out of the car.
  6. Heh. Time for the list.

    Alpine 6.5inch flip out, head unit.
    2 sets of alpine type R 6.5 separates(tweet and mid)
    1 set of alpine type S coax 6.5
    1 set of morel tweets in the apillars
    2 4channel alpine amps for the Mids/Highs.MRV F345

    2 15" Fully loaded FI car audio BTL's.
    Custom built(by me) 10.5CFT box tuned to 32hz.
    Sub amp(s) 2 t40001bd runnin at 2ohms(each btl is seeing around 3200 watts)

    2 runs of 1/0 RF power wire.
    3 Runs of 4ga Rf power wire for mid/highs amps.
    Stinger RCA and speaker wire.

    dual alts-200amp externally regulated.
    2 batcap 800's, and a yellow top under the hood.

    As you can tell, I like my car loud. I saved for this system for 9 months. All installed by me.

  7. thats sweet as hell man if i knew how to do all that shit i would save up but atlast i know nothing bout systems to the point and been doin shitloads of research to find some nice shit. Im trying to pimp out my 95 acura legend that already has good speakers all around i just want some subs cause i like the bass sounds when im rollin high.
  8. FULLY LOADED BTLS? I just came in my pants. You get on CarAudio.com forums at all?

    Fi is the forum boner over there.

    Time for my list:

    Eclipse CD-7000 HU
    Boston Pro-60 Component Set up front
    4 - Mach 5 Audio 6.5 Midbasses under my backseat
    2 - Mach 5 MJ-18s in the trunk (13.3 cubes at 50 hz, Yea its loud)

    US Amps XT-1600.2 for the MJs (seeing 800 watts a piece)
    US Amps XT-800.4 for the MLI-65s (seeing 200 watts a piece)
    Alpine (forgot the model number) for the component set.

    Sounds pretty good in my Caddy.

  9. I bought the subs and amp from a friend for 200 bucks. The xm radio and speakers w/ lifetime warranty cost 400 on sale.

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