What super powers do you get when your high?

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  1. I know this is a illogical question to ask but think for a moment that hypothetically after smoking a good amount of ganja you get some sort of superhuman power; for example someone might get a heighten sense of hearing, another might get visions which he is able to see into the future for a short period of time or perhaps have more energy during a workout session at the gym. All of the examples I have given you are things have happen to me after I have smoke ganja. Idk if this happens to other people but I will like to see what some of you would like to share about what there experience(s) were post-smoking ganja.
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    Flying because I felt like I was after taking 2 blunts to the dome.
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    That ain't weed you were smoking bro. So tell me what were your premonitions?

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  4. I get the ability to shoot my load a mile.. It's like a loaded gun.
  5. I gain the ability to eat massive amounts of food.
  6. The ability to become super lethargic!
  7. The power of ninja.

    I was baked off an edible, riding my bike when what I was carrying jamed in the front spokes cuaseing a flip over. Everything was instantly slow mo and I seen the handle bars coming up. and did a hurtle over them. Then landed on my feet.

    Since then I've done a lot of things high on my bike
  8. The power to make cannabis disappear.
  9. Teleportation.

    I once smoked an unmentionable and I got too high, I decided to go back inside and relax as soon as I was opening the door I blacked out few seconds later I was back and when I looked I was inside my house, then I black out again and when I came back I was lying down in bed, I kept asking myself did I just teleported here?.
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    As long as i keep smoking i am immortal[​IMG]
  11. Time travel. I'll start listening to music and blazing at 10am Friday and next thing I know it's 8pm Saturday 3 years later.
  12. Fuck you guys lol
  13. I swear my hearing becomes better when im high. And i start hearing things that i swore were there. Lol

    Everyones a genius in their own mind
  14. The power to analyze and (my favorite) the superhuman ability to not give a fuck!
  15. I analyse shit so thoroughly lol

    Beer before Bud, you're in the mud
    Bud before Beer, you're in the clear.
  16. The power to turn into a ice cold pimp with the heart of a lion.
    So to be the way you already are lol? [​IMG]
  18. Aw, you're too sweet.

    Nah, I'm a teddy bear sober. :p
  19. The power of awesome detective skills. Even if I can't figure something out, I just give myself some bullshit explanation and it just makes sense.
  20. X-ray Vision!

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