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  1. What style of music do you all prefer? I myself enjoy all kinds from classical to jazz, but my main love is Progressive Metal. Band like Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation...

    What style makes you move?
  2. Lots of different kinds...

    Rock and Roll
    Classical (espescially Mozart)

    Basically, everything that most people don't like.....
  3. you guys will probably think i'm a bitch but i listen to whats on the radio:
    linkin park
    bone thugs n harmony
    trust company
    cypress hill

    shit like that
  4. They play sublime in America on the radio????

    I'm one of about 4 people I know who know who sublime are in the UK....

    Lucky bastards.
  5. what the danm? well maybe here in cali its differnent since they're from long beach ca, but yeah they play that here. should download some long beach dub allstars. their new name since bradley died.
  6. Yea, Im in Texas and they play Sublime here as well. Its good to see some diverse musical tastes in the same reply.

    Mozart is one of my favs...
  7. I like S O M E T H I N G in most any genre of music I've heard. I'll admit to being in the group of "wrinkly 30+ year olds" so I listen to older music ... still any music you L I K E is great music.

    I like The Pretenders, The Replacements, Paul Westerberg, Mike Ness, Etta James, Billy Bragg, Elvis Costello, Hank Williams (Sr.), Patsy Cline, Gypsy Kings and


    The soundtrack to _Legally Blonde_
  8. hip hop is the greatest shit ever!
    reggae too!
  9. i like music that is played well, as for types, i like all kinds or at least most

    all the hippie stuff
    some metal
    some folk
    very little rap
    even less country(virtually none)
  10. You don't know what hip hop is all about until you've listened to the underground. Put in some swollen members and tell me what you think
  11. ill listen to practicly anthing except pop punk
    im not going to express my dislike for that

    rap is one of my favs (non of the radio/MTV rap :mad:)
    and stuff from the 60's - 80's isnt bad
    i really like bob dylan, he just came to mpls 3 weeks ago, and his concert was the shit.

    you ever heard of people under the stairs?
    they are pretty good

    i wish some of the local groups by me would release some albums or make some recordings, there are a lot of excellent MC's and a few good DJ's here in minnesota.

  12. i just downloaded some of their shit and i was actully pretty impressed i stopped listening to hiphop/rap when cash money millionaires came out but that shit was tite. still think bone thugs are the best rappers though.
  13. i krayzie bones CD set Thug Mentality was the shit

    if you think cash money sucks, or want some new hip hop, here are some good groups/artists (may be old, or may be big, but they are good and a lot of people havnt heard of them)

    Canibus (get 2nd round knockout!!)
    Rakim (old school, but he is one of the BEST)
    EPMD (they have a few good songs, "The Joint" is a good one)
    Twista (not underground, but i've never heard a song of his on MTV or the radio)

    i only have a few "underground" groups i like
    people under the stairs arnt bad
    and apokalypz (a local group, i think they are the shit though)

  14. atesia i know what u mean

    BUT FOR SOME STRANG reason.......all that fake hip hop crap on mtv sound surpisingly good when stoned......

    other than that i WOULDNT consider SM underground....i mean they have alot of music videos now and i mean theyre gonna turn like the rest......its all over Much music (canadian mtv)

    either way its good shit

    all the bettttterrr


    i like most other types tho

    mostly im a metal head!

    the hevyer the better!!!!

    i would like to say alto motzart was an amasing artist,

    betovin is the fucking man!

    you guys mentioned underground stuff....

    anybody heard of

    lifeof agony

    the rugburns

    corrotion of conformity


  16. Yeah i understand what you mean by how the MTV crap sounds good while baked, i guess the subwoofer with those nice beats really puts you in the mood. When stoned by myself i rather put on some headphones and listen to some dope ass rhymes from the underground. Makes you feel like jumping in the flow and bustin some rhymes of your own. eyecon if you like swollen memebers i suggest downloading some memphis reigns. Dirty, the only thing i've heard of that you mentioned was life of agony, i think.
  17. Dingus... I'll agree with you that most mainstream country music S U C K S! But if you appreciate authentic music of any kind, 10 to 1 I could find a country song or artist you'd think was good. And you don't even have to go back to the beginning ... I think Steve Earle (kinda, sorta country) would appeal to a lot of folks who didn't expect to like him....
  18. i think ky hatred for contry music comes from long cold torchourous rides with my grandfather in his old paice of shit!

    i do apprecate talent but it just not my style of tunes!
  19. i totally love metal. anything metal. just shit that makes you wanta get up and fucking flip the couch over. Right now Slipknot is in my player, and damnit, they rock. Go death metal!!!
  20. Some nice loud speakers are good when friends drop by, but headphones are good when home alone. Besides, a good pair of phones are a hell of a lot cheaper than a good pair of speakers!! Another matter to consider. You never have to worry about the neighbors calling the cops when you are in headphone land.

    Pink Floyd





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