What style grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ValleyKush, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I have a shower that just opened up as a growing spot in the house and wanted some input. The shower is 31 in. Squared wide and 80 in. tall. In other words skinny and tall.

    So if in my shoes what would u pick for the:

    Pot Size? - I figured definitly tall pots. 2-5 gallon?

    Grow Style? - SCORG might not be the best because of the tall and skinyness of area. Normal Tall plants to take advantage of the tallness, or would it be to big of a pain to have lights penetrate leaves? LST and Topping are also options tho.

    Amount of Plants? - Probly plant 4 and see what I get for females

    Lights are kinda stuck on mostly CFL and maybe HPS for flowering depending on if i really feel the need too when flowering comes around. I usualy go all CFL.
  2. you could get more plants in the space if you use the sea of green technique. the minimum spacing i remember reading for that back in the 80s was just 8 inches. if you give your plants 10" then you could fit nine in a 31" square space easily and not have to worry about height issues as long as you don't want to grow sativas

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