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what street drugs make your body twitch or jerk

Discussion in 'General' started by smoketheherb, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. like when your falling asleep and you jerk awake

    ive gotten full body jerks from smokin weed but i think it was laced
  2. prolly coke, meth, ect. im only about 80% positive on this though maybe someone else can confirm it
  3. crack is definitly the tweaker drug
  4. crack, i got crack once in joins. I found it strange that he called 2 joints a good deal becasue the standard deal arround here is 3 for 10 and sometimes 7 for 20 if your friends witht hem.

    I freaked out and puked for a while becasue it's a bit weird when you smoke 2 joints , go totally numb so i can't feel a thing, have lots of energy and feel totally fucked up. I just puked to try and get whatever out of me. But it didn't last to long, as long as the weed did.

  5. speed
  6. i never did crack b4 but i know for a fact meth and coke will make you twitch. I remember one time trying to go to sleep on a high as hell on coke sharin a bed with two of my friends and i just couldnt stop twitchin cuz i was tryin to stay still. Weed makes you twitch sometimes too. Just plain weed.
  7. I don't do drugs...

    JUST WEED!! :smoking:

    i would love to try shrooms/ectasy/and salvia and thats it! :hello:
  8. yep, coc. and crystal.. some people even do a lot of twitching on just weed though.. its nothing unnormal
  9. I know I'm baked when I start getting twitchy. Like, I'll feel the twitch coming on and try to avoid it, then when I do it makes me laugh. Yeah, I twitch on weed, I'm a dork.
  10. arg... guys stay away from crack meth... that shit fucks up lives. I've had a crazy tweaking fit after ripping 7 vics my first time, that wasent a smart decision.

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