What strains to choose?

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  1. Hey guys, im currently setting up a 1.2x1.2x2 tent along with a 600w hps (might even get a 600mh or some CFLs for helping with yield).

    I can't wait to try some kickass strains, but theres so many to choose from...I was wondering if you guys had any experience with these and if you could tell me which was the best yield/potency ratio please :)

    Devils Harvest - Casey Jones...
    Heard VERY good things about this girly from a friend who went to dam.

    Cali Connection - LA Affie
    I was sooooo tempted to try their GSC thin mint pheno, but was told that it wasn't the cut that got all the hype a couple of years back.

    Rare Dankness - OG Ghost train haze #1
    the only fem that RD does...This bad girl can apparently reach 25% THC

    Seedism -Applejack
    I see one of these beans go from germ all the way to harvest and she was a fucking monster...Didnt have the best trichs but she smelt amazing

    Serious Seeds - white russian
    first time I tried this, a friend had just finished curing it and it got me next level...Just wondering if that was because it was potent or because I was new to tokin at the time.

    DNA Genetics - LA Con
    Had this indica a while ago and she blew my head off...

    Cataract kush
    I REALLY want to grow this but not sure of the phenos that you get. if I got the wrong pheno I'd be pissed (its why im not growing sour secret or purple og18).

    LA chocolat
    No experience with this, but if you mostly get nice phenos then I'd be tempted :p

    Had this a few months ago and had the most crystals on a bud I had ever seen!! :')

    Im only gonna do 4 females in my 120x 120 in 5 gal pots under my 600w hps (and maybe a couple of autos if they fit). I want to grow 2 indicas and 2 sativas.

    Which do you guys feel would be the best for potency/yield return because normally when you get one, you sacrifice the other...

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