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what strains should i get

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lovenweed420, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey gc im picking up 12gs soon and i was woundering What strains should i ask for.
  2. Bobby brown.:rolleyes:
  3. In my town we have banana kush or mawuwwie wauwie in stock. idk whwat to choose
  4. Well i was thinking sour d and some kush
  5. My guy sold me a quarter of Wizard Dick once, it was....magical. You've never had weed until you've tasted the Wizard.
  6. - White Smurf
    - Evil Snowman
    - Scooby Dum (if you're looking for indica)
    - Yogi Bear

    Several bomb strains :hello:
  7. What r some other Sick strains
  8. headband, purple, blue dream, blue berry
  9. Shipwreck made my world go into slow motion and then it sped up really fast and then went back into slow motion. I HIGHLY reccomend it. Green crack is bomb ak 47 is great but that shipwreck was the best high ive ever had. just out of a tinnie pipe to.
  10. if you go around asking for strains most likely some dealer will just tell you they have it then just sell you shit bud instead cuz they know ur a pot noob
  11. No Thats not true i was just asking What r some sick strains Because i might want to try them and ive smiked for 5 years
  12. the wauwie fo sho!!!
  13. Sativa strains -

    Sour Diesel
    Green Crack
    Blue Dreams

    Indica -

    Purple Urkle
    Purple Kush
    Grape Ape
    Pineapple Kush
    OG Kush
    Tahoe Kush

    You won't be disappointed with anything on this list that's legit and grown well.
  14. Its pretty hard to be disappointed in any strain that is legit and well grown to be honest. Unless you have money flow and a dispencery that keeps top shelf...and i dont mea good bud i mean best of the best type bud. like award winning shit, then i could see how a well grown legit strain could dissapoint from any other. I'm assuming none of this is true for OP....context clues n shit:cool:
  15. Best I've ever had was sour diesel that shit dank but I've always wanted to try northern lights, white widow and white rhino! Haha
  16. There are some strains that no matter how well grown, won't be very good. This list is all strains that, even in the hands of a noob, will still be pretty dank. Its hard to fuck them up they're so good. If grown well they'll be amazing.

    And I'd say I'm one of those lucky people who lives in bud heaven where there's dispensaries everywhere that stock all top shelf strains. You can't beat living between Oaksterdam and Humboldt. :smoking:
  17. Idk man i just have to respectfully disagree. You can easily take some dank seeds and end up with mid quality bud if not grown right. Also you can easily take mids seeds and grow some dank. To me strains are just the potential to be great in the right hands and not the other way around. Also your location is prome. I;ve lived in socal and norcal.....both are bud heaven but norcal had some outdoor dank that indoor will never be able to replicate. Maybe the indoors stronger but damn the taste and smoothness of outdoor can easily beat it imo.

    Also i can't name one strain of "namebrand" dank that will not be very good in the hands of the right grower. Well actually i know of many failed crosses that ended up being less dank then the strains they came from....but never anything "namebrand" if u know what i mean.
  18. if you've been smoking for 5 years you should know some good strains already ahahah
  19. Last year I grew a few clones from my canna club (Sour D, Grape Ape, and Strawberry Cough) at the same time as some strains I got from Nirvana seed bank. All with the same location, same nutes, same everything, the canna club genetics turned out miles ahead of the other strains. Genetics plays a BIG role.

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