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What strains guys?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CannabisMan5000, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys and gals!

    I Was wondering what your favorite kind of strains were?

    Hybrid(near equal)
    Hybrid(Sativa dominant)
    Hybrid(Indica dominant)

    I personally enjoy all indicas, as most do help a lot with insomnia IMO(insomnia sucks!), but I also enjoy them for there fruity smells a and rates, I also like Indica dominant hybrids.. To make a long story short.. I'm an Indica guy, what do you guys and glad enjoy the most? :bongin:
  2. My local guy is growing mango kush and super silver haze. Im certainly not complaining but would love to be able to walk into a dispensary and pick from a big range.
  3. If there are some frosty nugs and im sky high I don't care what "group" it's in. ;)
  4. I like indica, hybrid (saliva dominant) and sativa... In that order.
  5. Indica Indica Indica. I do like a sativa sometimes.
  6. I prefer a strong Sativa, love that orgasm in my mind
    I like to do things when high, go out, play drums/guitar etc
    Indicas just leave me on the couch with a bunch of movies lined up and eventually no food
    .. saying that, Indica buds do seem to fuck me up a great deal more, i suppose they both have pros and cons
  7. I like a strong Sativa during the day and a strong Indica anytime :D
  8. I like a reeeeally strong Indica that will coach lock you all day...But I love a good sativa ween going for a hike or out to the store
  9. Amnesia haze - It has a very nostalgic element, it was one of the first strains i tried, And of what i remember, i had an amazing time.
  10. the best kind of strain:)
  11. Dont like equal hybrids they dont know what they want to be and can sometimes leave me feeling uneasy I either want to be relaxed or motivated not a major mixture of both.

    Through the day sativa dominant at night indica dominant, that being said if I am in the mood I will smoke an indica any time of the day but with sativas I only smoke them morning and day on days where I am wanting to stay busy all day.

    Right now I am smoking lemon haze day time and blueberry night time, I also have some red seal Afghan black hash for when I get bored of the blueberry at night.
  12. Sativas all day. Indicas are perfect in the right situation but usually I'm smoking on an 70/30 Sativa dominate hybrid.
  13. Indica for me,.
    I love sativas as well but the sedative effects of indica help me go to sleep at nights.
    I also prefer indica dominant hybrids. I did how ever pick up some Super Sour Diesel OG (sativa dominant) and that thing was off the charts!!
  14. Yeah i love indicas more just way more relaxing for me i just love the stoned feeling. but i dont mind if theres like 30% sativa in em.
  15. #15 tstick, Aug 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2012
    Indica - Grape Ape
    Sativa - Colombian Gold
    Hybrid (SD) - Jazz
    Hybrid (ID) - Blueberry X Sour Diesel

    I'm definitely on a Sativa kick. It used to be Indicas for me, too. Then I found a dispensary that specializes in Sativa stuff. I became an instant convert. I could have picked Malawi Sativa as well. There's nothing like it in the morning before a nature walk....seriously...If there was a way that I can say marijuana is psychedelic it's when I have smoked a really nice Sativa and then see the light filtering through the trees and the green foliage...the sounds...I feel very connected to nature this way. It probably sounds hippy to say that, but being outdoors in the morning is already great and then to have the enhancement of a fine Sativa....incredible.
  16. I prefer Sativas, but I'll smoke what's at hand.
  17. Ill smoke either but if I have the choice I like a sativa or a sativa dom strain(70/30)

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