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What Strains Are Extinct.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SpencerSpencer, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. #1 SpencerSpencer, Aug 11, 2008
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    What strains in there purest forms are extinct?

    1. Purple Haze

    2. Panama Red

    3. Nuclear 19

  2. 1. Purple Haze

    2. Panama Red

    3. Black Magic African

    Amongst many others.
  3. #3 FrankDaTank89, Aug 11, 2008
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    just curious, but how could the grow population let strains like purple haze and other dank strains just die out and become extinct?

    i mean if they were big strains, i just can't see every single grower in the world just all of a sudden not growing them.
  4. One that my older friend always talked about was Thai Stick.... most popular in the 70's... I've never seen it
  5. thai stick is weed dipped in opium not realy a strain...wish i had some opium:smoking:
  6. lol I remember talking to someone about "Thai stick". Shits laced weed.
  7. M-13 is a clone only strain.

    Good strains become extinct when breeders cross breed other strains with it but never try and preserve the original. The hybrids usually show more favorable growth and the original strain is forgotten about, even though it can be improved on by further breeding.

    Luckily more and more small breeding groups are taking up preservation projects to keep rare strains alive and pure.
  8. bullshit.
  9. I thought G-13 is supposedly extict in its pure, non-hybrid form.

  10. Thai sticks are buds attached to thin sticks of bamboo, generally made in Thailand, hence the name. Learn you some pot lore.
  11. ummm i didnt even know purple haze was extinct cuz here in cali i bought some it was really purple no gree also dank ass fuck oh yes and the stank almost got me caught couldnt conceal it must of been some purp kush
    and panama red i also had but idk about that its when i started smoking:smoke:
  12. G-13 was a hybrid government strain created by two plants therefore cannot have one pure extinct strain
  13. and most of the time dipped in opium.
  14. purple haze is not extinct
  15. LOL, I can see it now, this thread's gonna be funny.
  16. ditto. In for more laughs. lmao
  17. maybe the seedbanks that sold those strains got busted all at once? government's secret plan possibly? =)
  18. dude nuclear 19 seen it with my pops in my youth but never since
  19. #19 Hobo173, Aug 11, 2008
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    Alaska/Manatuska Valley Thunderfuck - R.I.P. (for now)

    This was supposedly the strongest "wild" strain and it took advantage of Alaska's long light periods in the summer. It was supposedly eradicated in the 90's when outdoor growing became illegal in Alaska. People are talking about bringing it back but it seems less likely with each year.

    Alaska used to have the best MJ laws. Everything was legal except selling. In fact, you can still 100% legally posses up to 1oz in your home and grow 25 plants in Alaska. :smoke:
  20. wow have exp on this had matanuska shipped from anchorage this year round easter not extinct just localized ps not as good as purps or jack herer i thought but real pretty

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