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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to decide hich strain I shoul start with.
    Main things I need:
    • Short height
    • Short lifecycle from seedling to flowering

    I've seen the lowryder strain but I've heard bad things bout it.

    I heard that cannabis Afghanica or cannabis Indica based strains would be most suitable for my needs any truth to this?
  2. Afghan is an indica strain and yes, you will want to stick with indicas if you want short and fast flowering plants. Although you can keep any plant short by topping and LST'ing (bending). Headbad Kush is a nice short, bushy strain.
  3. Research! If you have a seed bank in mind, go to there website and read, read, read!

    If you can't pick between a few, then go on into the seed bank and ask away. In my experience, they are eager to answer your questions and boast their knowledge. :)

    Also, if there isn't enough info on their site, google is your best friend. Just google "______ strain" and you'll see a ton of results.

  4. I don't have any specific seedband either though :rolleyes:

    and thanks mjmama for the input, ill look into it. I read that cannabis afganica was a seperate strain to indica in the horticulture book
  5. Since you're a beginner I would go with something like Northern Lights. Its fairly fast flowering, seems to take abuse well and is indica dominant, meaning it should remain short. Another strain I myself have been wanting to grow is Barney's Farm LSD, which would seem to fit your description as well.

    EDIT: And as far as afghani vs indica - afghani is a specific strain of indica, so kinda like a subspecies (don't quote me on that "subspecies" terminology though)
  6. Or Serious Seeds AK-47 is a great beginner strain that is potent and clones easily.

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