What strain to grow next? LSD vs. Berry Ryder

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Which strain should i grow next in my 2x4 grow tent?

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  1. LSD autoflower - Barney's Farm

  2. Berry Ryder autoflower - Auto Seeds

  1. Hey guys,

    I'll be gearing up for my next (2nd) indoor grow soon and i can't make a decision on what strain to grow next.

    I've got 5 autoflower seeds of both:

    Barney's Farm - LSD auto

    Auto Seeds - Berry Ryder

    I know many of you will say "Why not both?!" but i prefer to grow single strains, as i'll only be running 3 plants and since i still consider myself a newbie when it comes to indoor growing, i want to be able to have a single strain that i can then compare each plant and the effects of doing things slightly different to each one, like training techniques, feeding schedules, soil composition, etc.

    Here's a description of each strain, taken from the breeder websites:

    Barney's Farm - LSD auto:
    LSD auto.jpg

    Auto Seeds - Berry Ryder:
    Berry Ryder description.jpg
  2. I can't speak for the Berry Ryder, but I grew LSD last season. It's a healthy strain, pest resistant and productive. It's strong. I wasn't particularly enthused about the taste of it which was earthy and a bit umami/musty. It's not bad, just not my favorite flavor profile. For what it's worth, I'm growing it again this season.
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  3. Lmao umami
    Do lsd
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  4. Ya, i figured the LSD might be more the more popular choice... since it seems to be a more widely distributed and recognized strain, offered by multiple breeders.

    I'm a little worried that the Berry Ryder strain might end up being just too small of a plant. I picked up the seeds before deciding on a 6ft tall tent. Initially i was going to use a crawl space that was only 4ft tall, so i was looking for something suitable for very little headroom. Since recently researching some Berry Ryder grow journals though, i've noticed that they can actually grow to be fairly large, so hopefully they'll produce enough weight to be happy with.

    Yep, still leaning towards the LSD for the next run... but would love to hear from anyone with Berry Ryder grow experience.
  5. I think anything ryder is gonna be small i like doing outdoor gurellia grows so i like to see any strain that might fit that profile. Wish you luck either way will follow your grow
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  6. I really sort of miss the excitement of the guerrilla grows, although, i have to say, growing indoors just feels way too easy... almost lazy, at least when it comes to garden maintenance of a tiny 2x4 tent: no slogging 60lb buckets of water hundreds of yards back and forth to the river, no stealthy drop off's and hiding in bushes waiting for pickups at the side of the road, no mending of fencing after deer decide to totally trash the place and chew up half the crop, no playing detective to try and find out who ripped off half of the plots, no midnight harvests and praying you don't get pulled over by the cops with a trunk full of freshly chopped plants... LOL In all honesty, i think i made it a lot harder on myself then it had to be! :D
  7. Eventually hope things change in my state :) always gotta throw some dirty under wear in with the trunk stash move lol make em work for it
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  8. Agree with Mechanic about the Berry Ryder. Presumably it has Low Ryder ancestry, which is a plant most well known for its ground hugging height. If I remember right it doesn't get over 16 inches or something like that, so it's likely to be not so big.
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  9. Yep, my understanding is that Berry Ryder is a cross between Blueberry and "Auto #1" and "Auto #1" supposedly takes it's autoflower lineage from "LowRyder #2"...
    "LowRyder #2" improved on the potency and yield of the original LowRyder, but it's still a LowRyder at the end of the day i guess.
    I've seen some of the Berry Ryder grow journals over at autoflower.net and growdiaries.com and most of them seem to have easily surpassed the 60cm height that the strain's description mentions, although a few of those particulars growers had some issues that prevented them from maximizing it's yield.

    Anyhow, yield and size aren't the only factor i'm looking at. I'm growing for personal use for my girl and i, so even if i only pull in a paltry 1/4 lb per harvest, it'd still be enough to last us through to the next one.

    I'm actually really looking forward to growing both of those strains, which is why i'm asking you guys to vote and help sway my opinion one way or another.
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  10. Gotta admit, the Berry Ryder sounds tasty.

    I've never had a plant taller than 28", yet I've got more bud than I know what to do with. I suspect my latest grow will be different though: two plants already 20"+ and I just flipped them last night, so I still have all of the stretch to go and at least one of them looks like it'll double, at least.
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