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  1. ok  im not sure if its the right place but i need recommendetion on what strain to buy..
    i want to grow auto.. i can grow regular too but i want to start with autos cuz it fast 
    but i have no idea what strain im gonna order from original sensible seed company.. 
    and i want to order 2 seeds that will give me one free too 
    theres much strains there and i really dont understand shit in this 
    i want some strain that could give me a good yield 
    but the thing that really matters me is that it will tottaly bake me and have a nice aroma...X:
    well what strain is a tottaly baker?.. 
    thank  :smoking:

  2. Good luck finding a high yielding auto. I grew out two freebies a year ago and they were ok. Both yielded right around 1/2-3/4 of an oz.
  3. White widow all the way.
  4. Auto AK is pretty good in terms of strength but has limited yield.  Ultra Lemon Haze from Auto Seeds is a sativa so will not knock you out but can still fry your mind and it is supposed to be a superb yielder for an auto as it is a so called "super Auto"
  5. automatic adrenaline shot
  6. Dinafem Critical + Auto is an excellent yielding failing that Auto Pounder from Auto seeds is apparently a huge yielding strain, they're specialist autoflowering guys. 
    Might be risky only buyiong 2 seeds though!? Not allowing for much to go wrong with germination etc. IMAO
  7. I've seen a few growers on here have good results with Speedy Gonzales and Pandora auto. Old Pork grows the Pandora and Hillbilly & Mike Trich have grown the Speedy. It always helps to have a grow journal to look at. The ones I've grown myself have been short rider from nirvana and g13 labs auto diesel. Both have been pretty crappy IMO. I hope you have better luck with whatever you choose. My next auto will be BioDiesel mass. I'll let you know how that goes...
    A strain is a reference to a clone or virus or bacteria. You won't find a clone of an autoflower anywhere. And when you grow from seed it won't be a strain until you germinate it then take a clone off it then name that clone a strain. When you're growing from seed theres too many variances to give exact numbers when it comes to what you're asking about (yield, potency, type, smell, taste, etc.). The best way to get verifiable genetics that have all the characteristics you're looking for is to make friends with other growers in your city or other states like california, washington, or colorado or another state that's quasi legal and buy clones from them. 

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