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What strain should I get that is tough, robust, and a hardy plant? :P

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by XZit, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. HELP!
    Heres another "which strain should I try/get" thread.

    My situation.
    I wanna grow outdoors. And I would like to find a strain that doesn't require that much care, or thats robust/strong and can take care of itself a bit I geuss you could say.

    Anyhow heres my major situation.
    First of all--growing indoors is outa the picture, I live with parents, pot would smell to much-plus I have no place to grow it inside.

    So thus outside it is.
    Yet the only problem is...well I live in WA state.
    Now during the summer it gets pretty warm here.
    I have a park in my back yard, and various places to plant.

    Is there a strain that could survive a little bit of rainfall? (mind you it would be covered by some trees so rain won't completly soak it) and is this strain sorta a minumal effort to grow?

    Now note--I'm not expecting ANY type of high quality pot here. Shit I'd be lucky with low quality if I actually grew anything. And hell that would probally be good.
    So I wouldn't be surprized if there isn't any strain that can grow in my enviroment.

    However seriously think about it-and if you do know of a strain to fit/somewhat fit these requirments (as closly as possible) please tell me!

    Will :smoke:
  2. first of all dont bother looking for strains cause that means one thing, that your gonna have to cough up money for seeds.. just stick with bag seed.... if your looking for a plant that your only gonna have to check once a month good luck cause there isnt anything like that unless you know how to prep your area and doing that in the states is impossible.... but yeah for all your talk on what your looking to do id say the straing u need is random bagseed cause i dont believe your willing to work hard enough for a good name brand crop
  3. Hey xzit.

    The season over here in washington has started for most people, i already put all my outdoor shit outdoors.

    If your growing to do this you need to start soon!

    PM for details on seeds/strains.. i got some experience with strains round here :smoke:
  4. Hey thx for the advice over the pm man.
    Hey --sent ya a reply btw w/ more questions.

  5. yeah i say stick with baggseed and be fine. outdoor strains are harder to take care of especialy where you live. if you want to grow a sertain strain then most likely you would grow indoors or in a green house
  6. I might not be the most experienced, but some information i've been reading is completely incorrect..

    If your growing outside, you need to dig up the soil, till it sort of, get all them weeds and grass shit out of there... then mix that soil up with some nice potting soil (preferably with perlite). Then, put up about 4 wooden stakes around your area (depending on the amount of seeds you plan on planting, and put then about a foot and a half +- or so apart. With those stakes, put some chicken wire fence around it, and if you don't have that, just put some string around it so it looks like a little fence, and that should be enough to scare those little annimals off, or intimidate them from jumping over and eating those beautiful weeds...

    Now... once you have all that, germinate your seeds using your preferred method (mines the paper towel method) and then plant them in 5 mm below the surface once you see that taproot. Once you have that down pat give them a nice sprinkle of water and wait for those babies to sprout.. Then come back once every 4-5 days or so depending on your rain there, (MAKE SURE YOUR SPOT GETS DIRECT SUNLIGHT for mostly all of the day). \

    With planting outside.. one of the great beauties is you dont have to do much at all... Just go back in 3 weeks once they grow and then go every week or so and fertilize them every so often with about a 25% solution of the fertilizer and gradually continue to increase it as the plant grows...

    Planting outside requires little work because the weed is in it's normal enviornment... and less is needed to do than if you were to plant inside.

    Hope this all helps bro. good luck with your grow.
  7. like almost everyone answer
    bag seed
    buy a 20 sack
    get all the seeds
    only get the ones that are brown and firm
    if they have kind of tiger stripes better

    put them in between a few paper towels wet the paper towels and put it inside a Ziploc bag a few days chek everyday until they crack
    when the seeds crak plant them in the dirt.... break up,mix the dirt a bit...water it
    take care of it the first few days after it sprouts in the dirt(don't let the dirt dry out)
    seedling stage is when its more vulnerable

    bag seed is sturdy and doesn't need much care
    its in their genes ive seen "them" grow more than a 1000 plants w/ hardly any effort ......................good luck kid
  8. lol go buy a bag of bunk ass regg.
    see where that takes you first.
  9. clone an army of bagseed.I know a guy who is doing this for spring. ;)

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