What strain/s -hybrids could these 3 be? PICS!!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I am new noob here, just looks like a great place to gather info and get started. Well I am almost into my 3rd week of growing indoors CFL.. My first time growing and I of course decided to get some practice with some seeds from dank stuff I smoked. Can anyone, chime in and give your opinion on what strain/hybrid these guys remind you of. They are all different, by the way. Without furthe dealy - lets bring out the suspects...

    Suspect 1) Origin Jamaica / age 11days


    Suspect 2) Origin some real real dank stuff/ age 13 days


    Suspect 3) Origina some excellent dro / age 18 days

    I know its almost impossible to tell, but any type of narrowing down will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million, Experts, Growers, and Stoners.

    Peace out
  2. well judging from the thick leaves they look like either pure indica or a staiva indica dominant but as far as exact strain gotta wait till they budd out so we can take a more educated guess since these plants are to young.

    good luck keep up te good growing
  3. I guess I should do a vote system. Out of Suspects 1, 2 & 3, lol,,forgive me I just added a 4th suspect. How would you label them as far as Indica/Sativa based on leaf size structure and colour. I know it will be difficult to tell exact strain, but I know some of you experts on here can put me in the right direction.:)

    a) Indica
    c) Indica /Sativa
    d) Sativa/Indica

    Suspect 1)

    Suspect 2)

    Suspect 3)

    Suspect 4)

    Thanks again to everyone for taking the time out of your busy smoke and grow schedule to answer my little questionnaire.:gc_rocks:


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  4. do I have to wait till flowering to get a better idea about what particular strain or hybrid I am growing? :eek: Any experts willing to chime in thanks....

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