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What strain is this

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Slumdog77, May 3, 2016.

  1. Hey does anyone know what strain this might be... I really like to know names but my dealer never has one for them. 1462294066015.jpg

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  2. We won't be able to tell so many weeds are similar in appearance, the smell and taste are the best distinction which obviously can't be transposed across the internet, maybe you should do your own research if you're so interested,
    you won't have much luck here, because hell we won't know there;s hundreds of strains and dozens look similar.
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  3. Sure thing, it's Rock Haze. Looks to be 17.34% THC, 0.14% CBD. Enjoy.
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  4. its pot...

    ...enjoy :wave:
  5. I don't see what more you'd need to know other than if it's an indica/hybrid/sativa. That can be tested on your own, using a lighter and a pipe. Good luck my friend.
  6. Find a dealer that knows the strain or grow yourself, if he has no idea then I bet he couldn't tell you how it was grown or if pesticides were used, which are more important than what strain it is, your smoking this stuff, respect your body, weeds not harmful but the chemicals involved in growing can be.

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  7. that stuff looks dangerous better send it to me so it can be disposed of properly with fire
  8. better send me some of it too...

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