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What strain is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by legalizeit21, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. This is some bud i got from my guy. Only problem is im not sure what strain it is. Please help?

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  2. That is some Oscar the Grouch Kush
  3. Nobody can tell you that. Looks good though.
  4. looks like a possible crossbread of french toast and chocolate nightmare.
  5. Super purple sour widow
  6. How about this one?

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  7. Nobody can tell you what that one is either. You can't just look at a picture of bud and know what strain it is.
  8. The strains called Weed.
  9. Sometimes some strains have a specific look to them (white widow, purple kush, etc.)
  10. Does it smell piney and lemony?
  11. Yes very piney
  12. Right, but the bud you have doesn't really have any unique traits judging by the picture.
  13. Alright wasnt sure
  14. Well that narrows it Looks good though man!
  15. Yeah thanks dude its nice
  16. 1st pic looks like its some mixed up bud all compressed together, and the second pic looks like some quality bud.
  17. Yea wouldnt be able to just look n be able to know what strain it is. Does'nt look DANK as shit but looks ok. I just had some Lithium Kush omgeee its so boooomb!
  18. dude dude dude,

    pretty shure it's the Pac Man Lemon Cake Kush.....rare batch indeed
  19. but seriously just looks like some pretty good weed
  20. pretty sure, its called marijuana.

    not 100% sure so dont quote me though

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