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What strain is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kushman501, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. What strain is this? Ik it's some kind if purp obviously

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  2. there's no way to tell without asking the person who grew it
  3. Afghani dickfuck
  4. I've had that its called purple purp
  5. That's that bomb super purp purp Kush brah. Shit is dddddaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkk doood!
  6. It's got me gone bruh
  7. Purple power urkelbean
  8. Bobby Flay's Onion Toss
  9. Barney and The Beast
  10. A Cannabis Sativa hybrid. That's as accurate as you can get with what's given.

    EDIT: purple has nothing to do with the strain, especially that hue of purple. That appears to be phosphorous lockout inducing purple. It's happening to my plants now, because it's really cold right now my temps get in low 60's. This strain normally never shows purple (rocklock), but this crop some buds will be completely purple.
  11. Purple nurple. Hits so hard it makes your nips tingle.
  12. looks like rosemary to me, do you know your dealer well?
  13. yeah the strain is called barnies left testicle
  14. Dingleberry kush
  15. Barney Kush
  16. That is some Purple Snuffleupagus kush my friend
  17. Blue Waffle strain

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