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What strain is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheBluntedKid, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Hey my friend got some free weed that's supposedly homegrown from the person. I've never really seen weed like this before.

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  2. Untrimmed OG
  3. Looks pretty premature and untrimmed, probably fairly low grade. But if it's free, whatev.
  4. You cant tell a strain from a picture. Its IMPOSSIBLE, now i would tell you that was a bad buy considering the minimal amount of trim on that nug but if its free i guess you cant complain.
  5. Trim it some more so we can see it

  6. Brb. going to go google how to trim it :smoking: hehe we already smoked 3 blunts of it the past few days without it being trimmed.
  7. That looks like some schwag leaf kush. That stuffs got like 4% THC. Dank weed bro
  8. Flatten down the weed, put it in the disk drive of your computer. Takes the computer a few minutes to read it, but it gets the strain right 100% of the time
  9. some sort of cannabis?
  10. Topshelf og :gone:
  11. straight up chronic fire, check out the frost.
  12. LOL. ight. i did the computer method and second attempt i got a gofackurzelvs triple og chronic frost kush. :hello:
  13. Well there ya have it. Computer does not lie
  14. That my friend is the strain called "Weed". Your welcome.
  15. Yep thats weed!
  16. *Insert joke about it not being weed here*
  17. Im almost 100% positive its Swag!
  18. :p hahaha. First image that came to mind lol

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