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What strain is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Xch4ng3, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Your picture is too dark, plus it is impossible to tell the strain just by the picture. You would have to go directly to the grower, even then you might never find out.
  2. That's meth, bro.

  3. Yeah, sorry about that. I still put it up so people could give me at least some idea on what it is...
  4. Honestly there isn't too much you can draw just from looking at a picture... It looks like there may be a little bit of mold there at the stem :p
  5. Here come the other 30 people about to all say the same thing one after another... "There's no way to tell what you have." Or some guy is going to say "that's dumbassquazimotofoshohoe Kush" It always happens on these threads.
  6. Darkth Maul
  7. That looks like some OG Lemon Kush.
  8. that's dumbassquazimotofoshohoe Kush
  9. Apparently he had to be that guy lol.
  10. They call it walmart, cuz that's where you got it.
  11. that's dumbassquazimotofoshohoe Kush

    EDIT: Damn someone beat me to it.
  12. Is that a seed in the pic? Prolly some mids
  13. Even if it was possible what did u think we could do without light? Your phone/camera not have a flash? Or your house a light switch?
  14. Yep...just as I suspected, the marijuana strain

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