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What strain is this??? (yellow)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGHEREDnFIRED, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. I bought a quarter for 130. (I know kinda
    High,usually get 50 an 8th but this was only guy around where I was at in MD)
    I wasn't disappointed but I want to know what it is cause I have ppl who wanna buy. My boy said it look like trinity. Another said sour D but I smoked sour d before and it didn't loom like this. Unless it's cause it isn't as fresh.
    But This strain is slightly green in some areas but mostly a yellowish color all over/very tiny yellow hairs. And if u look harder a few light orange longer hairs. Smells like a mix Of sour fruit loops+lemon.

    * trying to upload pics but am on iPod touch..
    saved pics on it but it won't let me upload idk why
  2. I would guess some kind of lemon strain
  3. No way to know unless you grew it.
  4. nah there is ways. Dispensaries show real thing. So you know characteristic and can compare. but I can't find it anywher
  5. Looks like red X kush to me.
  6. Getting caught up on strain names seems really pointless to me, I'd rather go on a taste, look, and high description rather than "yo dude diz shit is like da bomb ass lunar lander kush yo".
  7. ^ it's just that some people want to have a specific strain.
    Cause my favorite is sour D. Gives me a
    High like I never had. So if some1 sells sour d but it really ain't, even if it's dank I want what I paid 4 ya no

  8. Maybe if it's grown EXACTLY the same as the picture the dispensaries use. But I really doubt that. This thread is dumb
  9. it's probably Egyptian haze (100% indica)

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