What strain is Regs?

Discussion in 'General' started by GetchaPull617, May 11, 2011.

  1. I know it sounds like a novice question, but nobody really seems to know. What strain is regs, 30's, etc? I've always just kinda thought they were Ruderalis or something but does any one else know? Thanks GC
  2. Could be any strain. Just poorly taken care of.
  3. Is that really how regs become regs? I always thought they just grew like that naturally.
  4. "Regs" is just weed that hasn't been grown properly, hasn't been dried/cured properly, and sometimes compressed into brick form.
  5. its been jizzed on. by the male plant.

    chronic is virgin bud that never got splashed.
  6. Mids/regs usually look and smell the way they do because they were not treated well after harvest. ie letting it sit in a field getting pissed on by rats.

    Most commercial growers that are pumping out mids don't care what the strain is or the quality of the high. Only what grows quickest and puts on the most weight.

    That's not to say you can't find shit that looks and smells like mids but has a high comparable to top shelf bud. It's all (mostly) in the genetics.
  7. Yes, the strain is called "SewerTransportus"
  8. This.

    Regs can be pretty much any strain. Although, growers usually don't spend much time on plants that got fucked up by the males *seeds ect*. Also, regs could be good green that was just poorly cured and dealers realize their mistakes so they sell it cheap.. Not a big deal since you can find cheap reg with a nice high. :smoke:
  9. yep its that poopshits....

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