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What Strain Is For Me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Equalvision95, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So, I'm relatively new to pot. Smoked a few times. I guess I have a pretty low tolerance, so that's pretty good. Right now I'm looking to find my way to 420. What will fit me? It's really easy for me to get superrr stoned and just crazy, scary high. I swear, it freaks me out. I'm just looking for fun.

    So here it is short. I'm looking for a strain with these qualities (rated by star out of 5):
    Creativeness (for my guitar playing) ****
    Laughs (Good for parties and hanging with friends) *****
    Lucidness and Focus (Wake and Bake/Work) ***
    Energy ***

    For my first time I tried a purple. I got really stoned without that scary high. Lasted a good two hours with lasting effects. It might have just been because my brain hadn't connected to those THC receptors or whatever the science behind it is for first timers.
    I'd rate it in my not so expert opinion pretty good.
  2. This all depends if you live in a medical state or if you buy from a dealer.
  3. Yeah, are you getting medical or buying from a dealer? Watch out you don't get ripped off if you're buying from a dealer. The first time I bought from a dealer I didn't know how much I should be getting for how much I was paying, but now I'm good at being able to tell by looking at it.
  4. I buy from a dealer. I live in the 505 of New Mexico. And don't worry. I always have an experienced toker by my side. There is no way I am going to get ripped. The last guy I went to, haha, that guy had some good stuff.
  5. Since you're buying from a dealer, you have no choice in what you get.

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