what strain has the best crop production?

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  1. i have been lokking round n round at strain after strain but i would like to hear from the people who have grown them . what are some of the best strains to use in constant harvest and fast flower? how about auto's in sea of green method? any advice or stories . do n donts anthing would be of interest.
  2. The search strain I hear yeilds better results than any other method.

    Most of "growth potential" is subjective. If you work out doors you're working with seasons I believe to harvest. If you go indoors you can go from a cutting off a mother and go into flowering shortly thereafter where your harvest cycle is trimmed to 8-10 weeks as compared to another 4 weeks out doors or more dealing with the elements.

    Auto's are great if you are working out door, but since you controll all elements indoors what's the sense of auto's?

    As far as sog goes, I've read Indica dominate plants are best, since they are traditionally high yeilding top cola plants, and that's what you focus your growth with in a sog. Plus with a sog setup it's greatest benefit is the fact there is no down time in flowering cycles once you have your system established. You have a flowering room, and a Vegging room with your mother and clones. If you choose to work with a bonsai mom you can even increase your variety in your limited space.

    Personally I'm just starting a micro sog with White Widdow, although I'm going from seed then picking mothers and moving forward with staggered harvest every month.

    There are some great early bloomers out there, early girl is one that comes to mind, I think afghan breeds are 7-9 weeks too. Blueberry is a 10-12 I think?

    In the end someone who's growing sog can maximixe yeild in the smallest ammount of floor space to my understanding as compared to growing a fully grown untrainned/topped plant. Also, if you go to any seed bank website and read what the strain guides say, it'll tell you everything you need and want to know, early bloomer, high yeilder, etc.

    Good luck.
  3. thanks for the response . i have looked up many strains and i am trying to figure out a nice perpetual, i have a basic 4 plant grow now to get mothers also of wwidow. . i have most of my growing areas set . i was looking into the auto ak for the hight it has and if i can use that to my advantage i can double the plants an still get about the same amout of product under cfl in a cabinet . but basicaly i like to hear what people have realy pulled off some of these strains and in what conditions . i would like to get blue monster and about a hundred others but generaly speeking i want to know what everyone thinks is the best $ crop.

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