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what strain/grade of bud is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bheazehead, May 4, 2011.

  1. hey everyone i have read GC forums for a while now but have never made a post so this is my first..
    i picked up a half o of two different types of bud not too long ago and was wondering if anyone knew what strain/grade of bud this is seeing as you cant trust what people say here in Aus.. (the first 4 pics are one strain, the next 4 are a different strain)
  2. Fuckin schwag buddy......hahaha hell no jp, that looks pretty damn dank have fun man!
  3. Looks pretty dank. Just a couple of curly stems.
  4. idk if i could break it up. its beautiful.
  5. Delectable nugs you got there buddy. I'm envious.
  6. thanks for the posts guys! does anyone know what strain it is apparently the 2nd set of pictures is orange kush, anyone know if that is right?
  7. B+, very nice nug and the cure and freshness is great, but the trim could be better. Doesn't matter, sure it's potent as all hell. Enjoy :]

  8. No idea, but I would smoke it.
  9. qualitys premo, strain, there's no way we can tell you

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