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What Strain does this look like?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BlindKitten, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys this is my very first post and im new to this. What strain does this look like to you? It was 15/G and smells like a Lemon/Skunk Potent strong scent


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  2. maybe lemon kush?
  3. Thats definitely weed
  4. Purp skurp from up north
  5. That's some Thunder Lemon Og Catpiss kush bro.
  6. Next to impossible to know for sure...probably some Purple Wreck, lol! Idk bro sorry :bongin:
  7. looks like "Fruity Skunk Piss" or "FSP" for short.
  8. OG Brown Frown Thunderfuck Bubblicious Kush
  9. No guys, it's dank
  10. i just got the same stuff from my guy! we must live close or something, he said it was some homegrown "camelcum mcPurple smurfsemen dankysurprise kush"

    got me lifted
  11. Green goblin for sure
  12. Looks like some high quality peniss
  13. Super Alaskan Lemon Lime Silver Headband Haze

  14. that shit must be goin around the country I got some too
  15. 100% thats green gobstoppers
  16. Holy shit it's bob barker
  17. #18 wuidd420, Aug 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2012
    it looks like nosinglepersononherecantellwhatstrainitis kush.

    edit:also since you are new here, almost everyone hates these threads, me included. it is impossible to determine strain on looks. don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
  18. Don't listen to some of these people. Use qualities of the bud to make an educated guess. It has a yellow tint to it and tastes like lemon and skunk? Let's just call it Lemon Skunk. It obviously isn't a 100% accurate or definite answer, but for the most part I would call it Lemon Skunk... Maybe it's Jack Herer or something... :bongin:
  19. nah that's definately the internet explorer strain doing the rounds

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