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What strain do you WANT to try the most?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mjmama25, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Somehow I've never smoked Jack Herer. I hear people rave about that strain all the time. I'd also like to try sage. What strain do you want to try that you've never had the chance to smoke?
  2. I really want some white widow... T____T
    oh well, master kush will suffice
  3. umm, i want to try maui wowie lol, cherry pie kush, any of the planetary og's, master kush, and a creation of my own i like to call crackhead (green crack x headband, green crack dominant haha)
  4. Those sound yummy. The maui I had reminded me of blue dreams.
  5. Anything purple!
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  6. northern lights
  7. i've tried northern lights, good stuff, i'd like to try lemon haze, chances of that happening are sod all though
  8. I've never tried northern lights, would like that.

    Maui is rare as shit here too.
  9. All of them.
  10. with all the amazing strains i've gotten and continue to get, ive still never tried cheese, sour diesel or that blue dream everyone always has on here.
  11. Sour D is probably my favorite strain. It's the perfect high with no side effects. Some bud makes me too head high and I get head rushes when I stand up. And some bud makes me too sleepy, but Sour D just makes me feel good. And the flavor is amazingly strong. The funny thing is, the stuff I get in CA looks nothing like the East Coast version of Sour D I see in most of the threads here. I'd like to try that one.

    Blue Dreams is on my list of strains I want to grow. Great smoke.

    I don't think I had a very good Cheese when I smoked it and first impressions are everything. I've never bothered to get it again after being disappointed the first time. But I wouldn't mind trying a well grown Cheese.
  12. Well since we don't get dank here, I've never tried anything really, so pretty much alllll
  13. Super Lemon Haze
    Maui Wowie
    Northern Lights
    White Widow
    Master Kush
    Lemon Sour Diesel
    Bubba Kush
    The Super Red Expresso Snowflake ;)
  14. Maui Wowie and that Green Crack shit, which I think I may have already tried lol.
  15. Church/Church OG
    Purple Diamond
    Champagne Kush
    Black Domina
    White Widow
    Purple Nepal

    Ive had 8 grams of Maui Wowie to my self, Best high's I ever had with that bud, and Green Crack's are clones, but ive had my far share of it and its some dankity dank, I love the smell of it.
  16. OG kush
    sour diesel
    white widow
    northern lights
    alcapulco gold
    train wreck
    and anything purple!
  17. Ive basically tried everything expect Northern Lights, Lemon haze, and i definitely want to try some church og looks sooo good
  18. confidential OG
  19. critical mass

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