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What strain clones to get?*list top 10*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chronicpenguin, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. planning on starting my first grow(S) soon. What strain clones should i get? (straight from da club!)

    i want to go with sativa but indicas will do... any idea? growing hydroponicly in a heigh restricted medium (most likely gonna do SOG/LST)

    please list top 10 strains in order, but i will only choose around 3 strains to start my grow off with.
  2. just a guess. powerplant, sour diesel, og kush, blueberry, trainwreck, purple urkel, white widow, lemon kush
  3. white widow, kush, purple kush, sour deez, some haze
  4. I smoked some Willie Nelson (pure sativa) during my last trip to a'dam, and it was some of the best weed I've smoked in a long.
  5. thank you all for your responses :D

    i want to get atleast 1 purple strain in there, so which one should it be?

    Im thinking for mine AK-47, White Widow, Jack Herer, black berry, hawaiin kush, purple skunk
  6. White Rhino. And Chocolate strains are nifty. Can't really go wrong with purp.
  7. Jack Herer man, can't go wrong with it.
  8. bubble gum heavy indica and no ceiling high
  9. sorry i dont really like indicas, id rather be active then stuck to a couch :D but to each their own
  10. indicas are nicer if you have a height restriction. my advice would be to go with a nice hybrid, and maybe some pure indicas.
  11. height is restricted around 5-6ft,
  12. bump^

    my list now goes as ak-47. white russian, gods gift, kali mist jack herer, purple mist...
  13. i would definately get jack herer. then i would get a type of skunk and a purple strain.
  14. up^

    whats the easiest purple strain to grow?
  15. Purple star (100% indica), Purple #1 (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), Purple Widow, and Sweet Purple are all supposed to be easy to grow.
  16. Kush, anything blue, perhaps blue cheese...
  17. post in the growers section man....

  18. if your growing in height restricted area i highly highly suggest a scrog grow.
    keep in mind plant height is severly dependant on strain and genetics.
    3 strains to start with?

    NL is easy to grow and is pure blooded indica, it will finish nice nd short compared to your sativa strains.

    WW is easy to grow and is sativa dominant, easy to clone, fast finisher with moderte yield of high quality smoke. But watch the WW she can be nutrient sensitive and burn easy,

    Blue Berry, indica dominant hybrid i believe, easy to grow, quality smoke, good yield, but a pain in the ass to clone.

    When im looking for new strains for my garden i look at these things first.

    1. quality, it better be some good genetics for me to spend time and money on growing it,

    2, yield, how much did i get, how much more can i get next run?

    3. ease of growth.

    4. ease of cloning.
  19. No ceiling high? As in you can always get higher through smoking it? I call BS, can anyone weigh in on this?
  20. i currently have 6 Armagedon clones.

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