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What strain and how much is this? Just looking for opinions.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cannabis Lecter, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]


    It's 2 dif. strains. The one on the right got me feeling like I was in an intense hurricane, while I was actually watching tropic thunder.:smoking: I got some nug left, super compact. How much would that be and what strain? Lots of crystal.:hello:

    The other shit looks like some organic stuff. How much would it be and what kind?:confused: The 2 nugs on left.
  2. its hard to tell the type of strain with the pics but id probably pay 45-50 an eighth for that stuff

  3. Sorry for the shit pics, it's an old camera. I think the stuff on that right is m39 :/ Not too sure. The other stuff smells like organic chronic/skunk lmao. I'm not a huge pothead though.:p

    How much do they look like they weigh, though :confused:
  4. look like really nice sugary beasters.

    its hard to tell quantity because there is no reference point for size. But due to the density, you probably have at least around 1/8 there. the 2 on the ends are heavy.

  5. Yumm.. Beasters :D

    Cool, I thought it was about 4p5 ish, but yea it's hard to tell over the internet. I also have a bunch of stems from about an ounce and a half worth. What should I do with em? :rolleyes:
  6. if u dont mind your grinder gettin thrashed up u can grind em and get a bit of keif
  7. My grinder got jacked now I'm left with scissors :(

    I was thinking of making green dragon?
  8. #8 DelcozeHighKing, Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2009

    I would say if anything its more than 1/8 opposed to less.

    The stems, throw in a grinder, grind em up good and you should get a small amount of usable kief. EDIT: if its those big thick stems in the pics, then u should get a decent amount of kief, you can see trichomes on the stems.

  9. Could you hit crushed stems from a bong and get ripped?

    EDIT: Here, lemme get a pic of the stems.
  10. only if you have a low tolerance. or if you're really really dry. but i save em up get kief from them.
  11. i dont understand how you got it without knowing how much. what did you pay and what did he say it was in grams ?

  12. It's all leftovers of good bud. I buy it in quarter and half ounces. I pay 35-45 for a quarter and 60-85 for a half.

    Pic of stems:

    I swear I had more:confused:[​IMG]
  13. R U in Canada? Otherwise, thoughs numbers don't jive. U ever actually weighed your bags? 85 for a half of "good bud" is nonsensical. I can't see anyone doing that.

    Yeah, you will get a LOT of kief from grinding those stems. And no, you would not get really anything from smoking a bowl of stems. It would be like smoking a cigarette with like 5 grains of shake in it. :)


  14. Yup, I'm in downtown toronto. I used to get it from a dealer who I'd known for a bit. He moved away few days ago, but he used to scale it for me. I've never bought anything more than a half at once.

    Hmm, sounds good. I'll make green dragon, I guess. Don't want to really smoke the crystals/kief, I'll lose most of it while rolling with tobacco probably.
  15. okay so first of all... "beasters" is shitty mids, so I have no idea why youre saying "yummmm beasters" when someone told you thats what it was. and second of all, NOBODY IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO NAME A STRAIN BY LOOKING AT IT. I cant tell you how many people make new accounts every day, come on here, and say "hey what kinda bud is this?" Impossible.

    Basically, it looks like some pretty decent dank. and as for weight go get a scale. you can get em as cheap as 20 bucks at a head shop.

  16. Pfft. I doubt it is beasters. It's too fresh, it'd take a while to get from bc to toronto.

    You're right, you need to actually see and feel the bud.

    I'll go find a scale, thanks :p
  17. Not to mention, some people get headaches from smoking the stems. I wouldn't do it. Rather get a grinder.
  18. that tin has so much kief in it!

  19. seriously?? "pfft, I doubt its beasters"???? You were just saying "yummmmm beasters" when somebody told you that. And I didnt say its beasters, I said it looks like some dank, but you probably have no idea what that is, do you.

    How old are you anyway genius?

    And I'm sorry to sound so rude, I'm irratable cause I ran outta cheeba and dummys make me angry

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