What Stores Can You Get A X30 Magnification Glass?

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  1. title says it all dont want to order one offline and i allready checked at radio shack and wallmart what stores have them?

  2. check at a pawn shop , they always have them , if not any local jeweler 
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    There are differences between real 30x loupes and fake ones. The standard for rating diamonds has to be done with a 10X loupe, so a pawn shop will be using lots of 10X. The cheap ones on the internet labeled 30x triplet are actually just 10x, they're lying to you.
    I have a belomo 10x and it's really good. The magnification is almost good enough to peek at trichs and the lens is big and great image quality. For trich peeking I recommend a higher magnification though, about 30X or bigger is what I hear.
    You can find magnifying glass at craft and hobby stores, gem and stamp collection stores, electronic parts stores, maybe even the dollar store, but that's hit or miss.

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