what states are herbal highs allowed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by southernboi319, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I just heard about this and I wanted to know from you guys what countries, and or states are legal highs allowed. I live in GA. usa and want to buy the albino rhino, but I don't want to get in and legal problems either.

    so is Ga. safe or not?
  2. I really need to know guys, cause if I can get it then i will be saving my self so time and trouble...
  3. I think a cop would laugh at you. I thought "legal high" ment legal? Also whats this gotta do with growing?

    seriously I wouldn't bother with the legal high stuff. Your gonna get a bunch of dried up flowers and lettuce crap.
  4. from what i understand, legal marijuana isn't marijuana...or atleast doesn't contain thc.
  5. thanks for teh help I ordered the stuff last night and It will be here by next wed. and I'll let you know, and btw, its actually salvia and sativah that I purchased and its salvia 20x I here thats stronger that salvia reg. so I will giv you a true critique of "legal bud"
  6. oh, well if you're talking about the salvia extract, then you're in for a treat!
  7. Me and a friend were also wandering about these legal buds stuff... I've seen alot of advertisements, even on myspace, about these legal buds, i've seen alot of Hawaiian legal herbs stuff... So please.. Let us know what you find out
  8. Salvia is a completely different thing than those legal herbals. Salvia will actually fuck you up if you smoke enough or make a tea with it. Those herbal highs wont do jack fucking shit. Theyre pretty much garden herbs soaked in ginseng to give you a little lift

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