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What State Should I Go In With Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by comediandisco, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I am goin on a roadtrip with a friend and plan to buy a pipe and less than an ounce of weed for the trip. I would like to see every aspect of the states( sea, forest, mountains, desert) for 3 weeks and at night park the RV in the wild where we will be alone and chill with our pipe and music.

    I know which states have what but I am scared of being caught. So I would like to know the most beautiful states but most of all which state I am less likely to be Stopped and in case the less penalty
  2. I'd suggest visiting California it's really nice to go sight seeing around here.
  3. California.
    If you wanna see what it's stereotyped as, go to SoCal.
    If you want to see the more "weird" aspects and more diverse areas, head up to the Bay Area.

    EDIT- Smoke in SF the worst you'll prolly get on the streets is a ticket you gotta pay. Ha!
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    Yeah I live in the bay. Upstate has some nice forest areas and beaches. Plus california is very lenient on the marijuana laws.
  5. Colorado man. really chill state, i love it here :smoke:
  6. It would help to know where you're starting...
  7. Washington Pacific north west area
  8. Id suggest California. Only because I live here.. There's lots of cool historic sites here. Plus we have dank weed and less then an ounce is only a ticket.
  9. new hampshire is great if you are in the north east. i'd suggest hanging around the upper valley, very beautiful area and plenty of places to get away and smoke a bowl or two or ten haa
  10. California, bay or LA - or if you're around Northwest, go there. Seattle's chill.
    Hell, Oregon's not bad either.
  11. I gotta agree with pacific northwest - or even the whole west coast (north cali and up if you want to see true beauty).

    I lived in Washington for a while and all the forest was so beautiful. Now I live in the bay area and it sucks :(
  12. I'm going to second the Colorado recommendation. It's the healthiest state in the union and you can find pretty much any type of environment here, sans ocean.

    If you want a really cool place, visit the Grand Mesa and park the RV by a little lake, or hit up the mountains around Telluride.

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