What State Is The Best To Move To? Lowest Cost Of Living, Work, Etc

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  1. Hello my buddy and I were going to move to Portland, Maine but after reading some reviews it seems like times are very tough up there, but there doesn't seem anywhere better?

    We are really up for anything, can do any type of work, are fast learners, want to make at least 500 a week.

    What state has the lowest living cost, work available etc??? MMJ friendly ideally.

    We were going to Portland on Monday but now I don't know??
  2. Apparently, South Dakota is the cheapest state to live in and has the third lowest unemployment rate in the country. In addition to that, sales tax is only 4% and you could probably get away with smoking pretty easily because it's sort of rural. 
    But the downside is that you have to live in South Dakota. 
  3. You have 0 preferences? I mean SC is pretty cheap but you can go anywhere and make 500/week serving tables or something
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  5. Research vs ask strangers... dude...
  6. Obviously everyone that posted so far lives no where interesting and or making any decent money?????
  7. Florida is suuuuper cheap as far as housing goes. Probably difficult to find work though.
    I live in New York so that's definitely not what you're looking for
  8. If I were to leave Washington I would go to Idaho.
    Some wild gun packing mother fuckers, jobs pay shit but living is cheap. Lots of cool Indians.
  9. Can do any type of work? So, if I needed an engineer then your ok with that? You have the tertiary education required?

    Be specific (I can't help, I don't know the answer) but generally moving states requires a little bit of planning?

    What experience do you have? In what line of work? What state has positions in that field?

    In Australia I pay my house cleaner $500/week but unless you are experienced in cleaning house with a raft of references and solid skills you won't even get to an interview with me.

    Saying you can do anything and executing on that claim are two completely different things.

    Your initial post leads me to think you are 18-22years old and have not put a lot of thought into anything.

    Life is not easy and opportunity is rarely served on a silver platter. Help yourself and don't expect anything for nothing. If you are young, you will come to realise this. Don't let it be too late to make a real go of it

    Stay put, apply for a few jobs in a state of your own choosing (or a few) and at least have an interview lined up before you get there.

    Take this however you like. I tell it like it is and generally am intolerant of people who expect to get through life without a plan and the willingness to work hard to achieve their goals
  10. Your best bet man....warehouse jobs decent pay man. Entry level positions. Can alway move up. I always do warehouse jobs cause it will pay your bills and hold you over tell you find something better

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  12. Google is an amazing thing.

    Read somewhere that spokane, wa has the lowest cost of living vs minimum wage ratio. Best part is weeds legal there...
  13. The Mid-West has a low cost of living, mostly because no one actually wants to live there.
  14. If you want some real advice here ya go. Every state has cheap and expensive places to live in. Like I live in massachusetts in a small town and its kinda expensive so out of hs/college a lot of people move to a bordering city cause its so much cheaper and on the flip side theres a bordering town that all the "comfortable" people live even there highschool mascot is the millionaires so dont think south dakota is cheaper than other states per se because you can live in the lower end of maine or you can live in standard south dakota both are probably similar get what Im saying?
  15. Vermont seems better than Maine but that's just me.  I visited Vermont a week ago and it was pretty awesome.  It just seemed way less evil than it is everywhere else I've lived before.  Idk about how cheap it is but it can't be that expensive.
  16. Were you just gonna move and hope for the best?

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  17. I've lived in 8 states and in my experience southeast/central North Carolina is the cheapest. That being said, it's also ghetto as fuck. That is coming from someone who spent 3 years in a south Los Angeles neighborhood
  18. Imposter towel!!! ;)

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  19. But Portland Maine is really nice. Portland oregon is awesome, too!

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