What state is furthest from legalization

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  1. Are there any particular states who have stricter laws aside from the normal misdemeanor and fine, I hear Connecticut is pretty rough, carrying a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail for any usable amount. Any others?
  2. ya Connecticut is pretty rough on the laws especially the first few towns over the mass border because there are so many staties around. Everything is overpriced in Connecticut as you pay 15 dollars a g for bad that is worth maybe 5 unless you got bomb hookups Only good thing about Connecticut is its nice headshops. Northern Lights Ftw
  3. FLORIDA, straight up FLORIDA is fucked upside down....
  4. Florida is a shit hole
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    THE SUNSHINE STATE!!!!!!!! i love our bud down here in south florida its FIRRRREEEEE, but florida is def. on its way to having anything weed related illegal!!!!! :confused:theres this new house bill that passed recently about the sale of waterpipes,pipes,chillums, ect. Shops now have to have 75% of their revenue come from tabacco products only!!!!
    Many of the local headshops here in miami will go out of business due to this law!!! it sucks!!!! i love miami and its fireee,beach and people, but this law has be thinking Cali or colorado is where i should live or even Spain to grow my own baby:smoke::smoke:!!!! heres the bill if any of you guys want to check it out and see how ridiculous it is!!!:eek:
    CS/CS/SB 366 - Retail Sales of Smoking Pipes and Devices [CPSC]&

    Florida has harshest penalties in the country!
  6. FLORIDA FLORIDA FLORIDA. the most ass-backwards state ever.
    i would say texas but they have a legitimate reason to, with the cartel violence.
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  8. Um no, NH is one of the states looking to decriminalize/legalize ganj.
  9. Uh, and the reason cartels exist in the first place is because of societies ignorance to make a plant legal.

    Talk about back-asswards logic...
  10. I know that there are a whole lot of votes going out to Florida for the "winner" here, but all I can say about that is at least that state isn't currently one of the ones that has a DUID law.

    If you want to talk about the worst MJ laws, I don't believe many here would argue that the DUID law takes the fucking cake.

  11. You wanted to know which states have stricter laws, and not which states are going to have strict laws in the future, so that's what that map is for.

    Instead of doing research and looking at the maps, people are just posting and assuming FL is the "worst".

    So, let's do the research:

    FL: Sale/Cultivation 20G or Less - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $1000
    FL: Paraphernalia - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $1000
    FL: Possesion 20G or less - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $1000

    NH: Sale/Cultivation LESS than 1oz - felony - 3 years, $25000
    NH: Paraphernalia - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $2000
    NH: Possession - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $2000

    DE: Sale/Cultivation 1G to 5 lbs - felony - 5 years
    DE: Paraphernalia - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $2300
    DE: Possession - Misdemeanor - 6 months, $1150

    CT: Sale/Cultivation any amount - felony - 7 years, $25000
    CT: Possesion varies. After 4oz - felony - 5 years, $2000

    MO: Sale/Cultivation 5G or LESS - felony - 7 years, $5000
    MO: Paraphernalia - Misdemeanor - 1 year, $1000
    MO: Possesion varies. After 35G - felony - 7 years, $5000

    And once again: State By State Laws - NORML :D
  12. Just seems that the legislature here won't do anything at all despite the states that are decriminalizing and have MMJ available. Sucks to live here I'll say besides the weather, everything else here is going to hell.
  13. the way i look at it, with the economy falling apart and america beginning to get hit very hard (and yes i said beginning cuz this economic problem is far from over) i hope our government will eventually realize, like most other countries in the world, that the war on drugs does nothing and is instead a big waste of tax payer money.
  14. what abot the fagot bible belt, where my location persists

    fucking georgia
    isnt gonna do a DAMN thing for marijuana.

    guarnetee it
  15. Thats not the question. The question is which state is furthest from legalization.

    I think Floridas further from it than any of the other states mentioned above. We got some goooooooood buds, but the attitude towards it is terrible here.
  16. Unfortunately man, I believe "most other countries" have similar MJ laws as the US.

    Still, that being said, if the US was smart and logical about all this, they would legalize the shit out of it everywhere, and we would see the biggest climb in US tourism in the history of our country...:D

    But in the end, the US Government will continue their bull-headed attitude and NEVER admit they made a mistake outlawing this plant in the first place, and they'll continue to refuse help for the sick and dying, and deplete the rain forests(paper vs. hemp) affecting the entire world all because of a few ignorant fucktards who believe that we can bail our way out of this economic problem with more lending and borrowing...because that solution has worked so well thus far...

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