What state has the cutest black girls?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sugar Jay Robinson, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. i never liked black girls until i moved to atlanta. there is literally 5 cute black girls for every 1 ugly black girl. as soon as i stepped off the plane i saw a fine ass black girl. is georgia the black girl capital?

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  3. Will the madness ever end? Ever?
  4. Probablly Georgia.. Nuff said
  5. Compton, California for some ghetto ass black girls

  6. I swear this thread pops up at least once a week. It's probably the same dude too
  7. I'm embarrassed :(
  8. Which region is the best to catch mewto
  9. Cinnabar Island
  10. New York, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Washington DC, Virginia, Florida

    Trying to get equally in my right mind
  11. never a dull moment
  12. Which one racism, sexism? Both?
  13. Montana Or Wyoming
  14. Hong Kong, China.
  15. Tbh I find more if them attractive here in England than when I was in DC. Still plenty of fitties there though.
  16. perhaps, it's a ratio factor... the more women, the more you may find attractive in the mix... "A" town has a large black population

    just trying to look at this logically
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