what stage does my plant appear to be in?

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  1. please help identify

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  2. dont spray your plant if its in flower and what week of flower are you in
  3. im not really too sure man i know they are females but the plant itself is about 2 months old .
  4. Looks like it was in flowering. I'm not sure now. Might be reverting back to veg.

    If you're giving it more than 12 hours of light then that explains it.
  5. is it bad that its reverting back? and can i somehow put this plant but on a regular cycle...need help please
  6. Depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

    "Can you somehow put the plant but on a regular cycle?"
    **Sarcasm** I dunno... Can you?

    Of course you can. Get a timer, throw it back into flower, and hope for the best.

    Revegging a plant that far into flower is something I've never tried before...
  7. Put that in 12hrs of light. Give a half strength(of there recommended flowering stage dose) blast of quality hydroponic fertilizer once or maybe twice depending on how fast those white hairs change to orange. Then give nothing but water after that. When 50-75% of the hairs are orange, harvest it. You look to be about halfway through imo, but its a crapshoot. 3-4weeks and its done is a guess...
  8. crapshoot?..

  9. yeah, crapshoot because if you don't know the strain, or flowering times then its to hard to tell how long it will take to finish, could be 8wks, could be 14. Not knowing finishing times means you cant fertilize up until the maximum date(because it needs 2weeks of just plain water before its done). Which means a lighter harvest.

    Also, photoperiod fluctuations(such as reverting back) cause stress. Stress shows itself in lacking qualities such as taste, smell, potency, yield, etc...
  10. I feel like the plant is short in height wise to be flowering. Is it abnormal? or in flowering will the plant gain height as well, because at the bottom of the stem it appears its breaking a new flower out, persay it has a leaf on one side and direct on other side the leaves stem is popping out, along with the female dominant trait, the pistils at the intersection of the leaf and stem.
  11. Looks to me like what happened to one plant I had...All depending on the light cycle it's currently on though...You need to find that out first before anyone could say for definite tbh. If it's currently flowering then either you have light leaks or it's just a bad seed and will yield very low. If it's starting to reveg then there shouldn't really be any major problems once you start flowering it again.

  12. You are trying to correlate height of the plant, to when it flowers. Thats not how it works. The light tells it what to do, not the size. It can be 6" tall and flower.
    You need to read a good book, i would recommend Indoor Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes because there is no way we can teach you on a thread, just help. You have to grasp the basics before we can talk intelligently. I have been growing for over 10yrs, and i still go back into that book for reference to this day. its worth its weight in gold if you are serious about doing this.

    Follow my advice in the first post and read. Good luck man...

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