What sport would you like to play stoned??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Jun 24, 2003.


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  1. football

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  2. baseball

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  3. basketball

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  4. other....please explain

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  1. What would you play?
  2. Tennis HAHAHAHAHA

    or hide n seek (not really a sport but it would be great fun) lmao
  3. Hide and seek would be a trip while stoned..

    I wonder what would be more fun.......hiding or seeking?
  4. i like skating stoned. nothing big just flatground tricks and shit. i feel at one with my board.
  5. ahhh hiding would be funner!!!

    i like playing volleyball! or swimming. golfing would one i\'d like to try with the herb, and i\'m trying to psych myself up for skydiving.but i may have to save the pinner for afterwards!
  6. I\'m gonna have to say racquet ball. I played that so much last year at school, but have yet to play it stoned because I\'m pretty competitive and hate to lose. If I could get my friends stoned and have all of us go play it would be awesome.
  7. i cant stand playin sports high, i take my sports serious and am a very competitive person so i allways wanna be the best and win, playin high takes away from my game cause i my reflexes slow down.

    Allthough when i was in high school i played my best game stonned, i skipped out durin warmups and blazed before the game , ended up hittin evry shot i took that night (allthough most of them were layups)
  8. I\'m not a big sports kinda person but I have to say that my fav sport to do while high is sex. (Yes, that is indeed a fun, kinky little sport). And I happen to really like that sport and I seem to excel at it and I keep getting better each and every time!!!!! LOL

  9. You need to move closer to my neighborhood honey!!!!!

  10. I could say the same for you!!!!!! LOL. It\'s not like I live on the moon or something (but maybe I do.....sometimes I feel like I\'m out of this world)!!!! But anyway, road trips can indeed be fun little excursions!!!!!! (hint, hint). LOL
  11. I\'ve got a road trip that brings me close to you July 19th and 20th..

    I\'ll be in Belfry/ Hatfield area.. Hint hint!!!!!

  12. Hmmmm..........that isn\'t too far away at all. We will definitely have to get together and have a smoke-out and sit around and debate the finer things of life. Just PM me and we will work out the details.

  13. Damn............you figured it out!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! And I was hoping no one would notice!!!!! LOL

  14. Your jelous!!!!

    Just use your ....................... never mind!

  15. Will do!!!!!!

  16. Jealousy is a bad, bad thing!!!! He may need a spanking for that!!!!!! LOL. Or I could send him his own personal pocket pussy for those emergenices!!!!!! LOL.

  17. I swear........I get side tracked so easily anymore. I seem to have the attention span of a 2 yr old. But seriously, when it comes to sports, that\'s \"not my cup of tea\" and we will leave it at that!!!!!! LOL

  18. He could rub vaseline on his zipper.... LOL

    Moving to Pandora!
  19. Anyone try snowboarding or surfing high? Its like sex, only lasts longer!
  20. i Luv playin Pool when stoned :)

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