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    Yeah totally, you caught me or whatever. You're the great internet sleuth and we're all proud of you now. :rolleyes:

    Christ, can't even tell people about something that's happened to you, lest it be endlessly nitpicked. Oh and pro-tip, the quoted part of the doctor in original post is obviously hyperbole and not verbatim.

    Totally caught me though, God, I had so much to gain from this too, if only that one guy wasn't such a meddling asshole I'd be drowning in friends right now, alas the plan was folly from the beginning. Questions for you though mighty internet sleuth, if my plan was to make people think I'm cool through lying about getting a spider bite, don't you think the people most likely to identify with that bite would know what one was and discredit me? Do you know think I would have the foresight to google something I would be lying about? Idiot.

    </blockquote>Definitely didn't read all that, but why are you mad bro?

    Edit: I quoted you before you changed "idiot" to "fucking clown" and I let the mods know when I reported it. Have a great day! :p
    14. Trolling is not tolerated. This includes posting arguments, flames or personal attacks for no other purpose than to annoy other members or disrupt a discussion.
  3. 14. Trolling is not tolerated. This includes posting arguments, flames or personal attacks for no other purpose than to annoy other members or disrupt a discussion.

    Good thing I didnt do it to annoy or disrupt, just to check the validity of the story which relates to the thread. :wave:
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    Yeah I'm sure asking "why you mad bro" is totally related to checking the validity of my story. :rolleyes:
    Not to mention most of what you've done is simply derail the thread, but I'm sure your great intent to expose me as the liar I am will shine through, because I'm sure that people give a fuck..........
    Trolls need to step their game up because;
  5. I find him to be a troll here, not the other dude, stories close enough
    For me.. why the hell you care anyways...
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  6. Here in Washington, as far as I know, we only have two poisonous spiders (Black Widow & Brown Recluse). I'm far more likely to run across a Brown Recluse here in Western Washington when I'm chopping wood from my wood pile. With that Black Spider, I'd say it's a Black Widow. Now, I'm no expert in spiders and the Black Widows I have seen have a red hour glass shape on their ass, but maybe that was just a certain sex of Black Widow, or maybe there are different sub-species of Black Widow depending on geographical location? *Shrugs* Either way, I hate spiders, but am not so much of a pussy that it's going to stop me from crushing one.
    BTW - I have been bit by a Brown Recluse. It's not pleasant. The site was developing necrosis and shit. Pretty gross, but I sure as hell had fun lancing it myself and draining what I could before I ended up having the mass of infection removed professionally.
  7. Cool story bro...

    What's it like to live in fantasy land? LOL

    </blockquote>Dude that said he got bit by a Brown Recluse. He could be telling the truth cause I live in az as my tag name says.. but their are a good amount of them out here and those are what people say the symptoms are. Why r u hating on dude? Haha

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  8. Its not a widow. Its a trapdoor spider

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  9. looks like a wolf spider
  10. Looks like a stoned spider. Puff
  11. he's right that looks highly poisonous.....
    Lol necro'd.  But anyway, this is a tengellid spider, harmless.  not a recluse.  
     OP, the spider you found is Kukulcania arizonica, which inhabits deserts of the southwest.  Harmless.
      In fact, these spiders can live for over a decade, and are one of the few true spiders that continue to molt beyond adulthood.
      They can grow quite large, with a bodylength nearing 1" in length.  IMO, they're one of the most attractive spiders on earth, your pics dont capture the beautiful black coloration, with the attractive velvety legs.
      Also, this species is communal, they do not attack each other often, and will share the same web.
  13. Spiders are assholes :mad:
  14.  So sorry you feel that way. So sad :(
      This is like..  socially-accepted racism.  so fucked up hahaha
  15. ^^ Um, no it's not.  I don't discriminate between different varieties of spider or mock them because of their cultural choices.
    It's like being a misanthropist, but with spiders.
  16.  How can you not discriminate between different species of spiders?  That's asinine on so many levels, ahaha.
      Mock them for cultural choices?  How can you mock something that doesnt have an opinion, let alone culture?
      Sounds more like you hate them because other people hate them.. Hm.. now what does that sound like?
    I can't talk to you, you are clearly crazy. :D
    Kudos for having the spider's backs though :)
  18. That's what I like to call a "Nopespider"
  19. Man youve gotta kill that fucker. Ive developed a pretty efficient way to kill big spiders. "Big" being anything larger than toonie.
    1. Put a cup over it to contain it.
    2. Spray pine cleaner, windex or any type of household chemical beside the cup.
    3. Slide the cup over the area where you sprayed the chemicals.
    4. Wait a lil bit then flush it.

    I have found this to be the least sketchy, and safest way to kill a spider.

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