what spectrum MH lamp ?

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    what spectrum MH lamps must be used for vegging ?
    there are too many MH lamps in market.
    eg,sunmaster warm deluxe neutral=4000k,cool deluxe = 7200K
    Sunmaster HPS MH Conversion = 6000K

    i am confused.which one is true ?
    In addition, can all 600w MH lamps be used with all 600w hps ballast ?
    and can i use 600w MH lamp in 125mmX490mm cooltube ?
    (MH lamps are bellier than HPS lamps )

  2. ideal spectrum for VEG is 6500K but 6000k isn't off by much, use that one.....

    mh bulbs are for mh ballasts only and same for hps is for hps ballast...you can find ballasts that are switchable from MH to HPS with the flick of a switch. Or find a conversion bulb, but personally i never have used one......

    as for the cooltube, you can use it in the cooltube, ONLY if it fits in, i made the mistake of getting a cooltube with a6inch diameter, and my mh wont fit in it......8inch is better...
  3. 6500k is best, there are plenty on the market with that color temp.
  4. i have a ballast for only HPS.
    what about sunmaster cool deluxe 7200K ?
    conversions bulbs are 6000K.cooldeluxe is 7200 K,but needs MH ballast.
    and i have 5'' cooltube,
    i use 600w hps in 5'' cooltube ,but MH may not fit that cooltube :S .
    is there really diifference MH and HPS during vegging stage ?
  5. HPS will grow a big plant, and MH will grow a more potent plant. MH gives of more UVB then HPS, but on my last grow I did a mixture of light. I had a 250w HPS for my veg., then I added a 400w MH to the mix during flowering. My Super Silver Haze ladies were big, and it seemed more potent then my last batch of SSH that I used just a 250w HPS, but I didn't have any buds left to compare.
  6. HPS bulbs don't put out as much of the blue spectrum as MH and that spectrum is ideal for vegging.HPS puts out the red/orange spectrum which is ideal for flowering.Getting a conversion lamp would def be your best bet IMO.I own one and I couldn't be happier.
  7. Orly?

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