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What sort of yield should I expect? Advise

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jabber420, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Please see picture attached. I just wanted an experienced growers opinion on how they are looking. It's my first grow, 1 vanilla kush and 1 blue cheese. Both are in their second week of flowering. They are also in a 1.2 x 1.2 x2.0 meter grow tent ( they seem to be outgrowing!)
    Can someone tell me if they are looking good, and based on their size so far should I be looking at a good harvest?
    Thanks so much in advance

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  2. Yea they look very good, no stretching. But what is a good harvest to you, also what size light are you using. We dont know the conditions or whether ur using co2, or ur nutes. We cant really tell you but we can give you and idea.....tell us whats your style of grow that ur using.
  3. Hey, thanks for your reply.
    I'm using a 400w hps lamp with reflector, 4inch carbon filter, fan and ducting. I have an oscillating fan in there, I have it on most of the time. Using fox farm nutes, at the moment in feeding with nutes twice a week tiger bloom and big bloom. Humidity stays at around 70% sometimes jut below or just above. They are also planted in 11ltr pots, and as well as feeding the nutes I also do a plain feed once a week. Sorry bout the long winded info!
    I think they look pretty good, but as I say I'm a first time grower. It seems to have gone to plan- perhaps I'm having a lucky grow!
    I'm just intrigued at what an experienced grower would hope to harvest from that.
    Thanks :)
  4. I think a good estimate would be around 1 1/2 to 2 OZ per plant, they look really healthy nice job man.
  5. Thanks- yeh I should imagine around 2oz. A friend of mine is adamant that 5oz per plant is around average, he thinks any less then you're doing it wrong! However we all know or should know that 5oz would be fantastic but not likely!

  6. I've yeilded 8oz/plant. and you can get 5oz/per plant easily. But I was using 1000w HPS and 5 gallon buckets. had 5ft monsters. So dont worry, I think if they are only 2 weeks into flowering 1 1/2 oz - 2oz is about right. if you can flower them a week or two longer than the strain recommends, could be more.

  7. Cool thanks for the info- they are probably around 2 feet at the moment but are growing rapidly, white hairs just started shooting out. I've notice that the vanilla kush grew an inch or so last night so I think I'm going to be looking at 4ft minimum in the end! I'm planning to flower for 9 weeks so I got 7 left but I won't harvest until around half the thricomes are milky white- I don't want to have done the hard work and fall at the last hurdle!
  8. if you can flower them a week or two longer than the strain recommends, could be more.


    Flowering an "8 week strain" 10-12 weeks, if she can handle it will double, triple thc resin/crystal production and give you much better tasting and much stronger flowers.

    Aj - good advice.

  9. Sounds good- I'm definitely not going to rush things, but I have heard that where you leave it too long the smoke of the bud is not a 'happy high' more a couch lock- I'm not looking for couch lock, I don't want to just fall asleep after smoking. I guess I'm going to let the plants do their thing.
  10. Id estimate around 17 pounds.

  11. I want what u been smoking lol

  12. Lol thanks, see I am capable with the proper info :smoking:
  13. You seem very knowledgable... What would be your advice for a first indoor grow with just one or two plant and real deal seeds? Grown a coup,e times outdoor but never indoor.. I don't have a budget really.. Just need some advice on good nutrients? Cycles? Lights?
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    Lights are most important, if you can save a get a 250w digital ballast setup with MH/HPS Bulbs. DONT GET CONVERSION BULBS THEY BURNOUT! if you cant afford HID then I wouldnt use your real deal seeds.

    The yields from fluorescent arent nearly as high. You'd wanna do x2 5gal buckets with Fox farm ocean forest soil & perlite, and fox farm nutes. heres what i use.

    Grow Big for veg
    Tiger bloom for flower

    The High intensity discharge lights (HPS/MH) have great photosynthetic available radiation or (PAR). much better than CFLs or fluorescents. not quite as high PAR as LED, But they dont have half the Lumen output. So in my experiences Lumens, and correct color temperature a.k.a Kelvins (6200K/ 2500k) are more important than anything else. That combined with available c02 and proper circulation and drainage and u got a great grow!

    Check my NYPD grow out to get some ideas. the buckets with hoses are c02 fermenting solutution thats a cheap way to add some needed c02 to yuor grow without breaking the bank.

    Check out my journal and start a journal of your own, Ill sub it and keep an eye out for ya brother!

  15. Thanks man i will when i start for sure

  16. nice man....about 0.5g per watt.........sorry I havent been on much..keep us posted
  17. Hey guys, got an update on the girls, picture taken today- 3rd week flowering. They had their first feed of the week 2ml grow big to 4litres water, I will also feed them tiger bloom on 2nd feed this week and big bloom on the 3rd feed.
    I will incorporate all 3 nutes for 2 weeks before changing back to only tiger bloom and bigbloom for a couple of weeks before doing plain water feeds for the remaining 2 weeks.
    Let me know what you think guys!

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  18. Hey, thank for the info- so that works out at around 7oz :0 jeez that would be amazing! 0.5g per watt per plant? Or spread across?
  19. I have to disagree Ive had my convertible hps/mh with built in ballast from hydrofarm for 2 years same bulbs, with no burnout. I run 24/7 veg aswell and grow all year round with a perpetual harvest for a look at how much theyve been through. But im also about to replace them reccomended by the manufacture.:wave: But I agree with everything else in the post great info :)
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    last time i used a conversion bulb waas 09, the temps were mid 70s and the bulb was a conversion for MH from HPS (HPS Magnetic ballast).I ran it 18 hours and i looked on the box. It said "Do not run for more than 12 hours" Im like What?! thats a MH bulb it should be on for 18-24!! I had run it for 18 hours straight and the glass aroun the base of the metal socket bubbled and i guess lost its pressurized gas and would not spark, just a dim blue glo.

    but like i said it was 09, back when digi switchable ballast were the still kinda new and did not have one. The technology has come a long way im sure with those. Just after my experience. I just advise towards that direction.

    Some things are still true of conversion bulbs like

    - 10% of the electricity the bulb uses, goes towards the conversion.

    - results it lower lumen count than typical bulbs, or less than the box says. (Digi Lumen Meter)

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