What songs remind you of your first high or highs

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  1. So what song reminds you of the first time you got high or when you first started smoking? For me its gotta be

    Afroman- Until I got High
    The Game- Old English Lullaby
    Bob Marley- Stir it Up
    Hukbalahap- Buhay Ng Gangsta

    The first and last songs bring back memories of when I first started blazing up, comon guys! Add your own! Lets make this a sticky!
  2. To Tha X-Treme by Devin The Dude
  3. wasteland - 10 years
    seed - sublime
    no surprises - radiohead

  4. outkast - ATLiens

    the first time i listened to this song high i had it on repeat for like half an hour cuz that shit went too damn hard.. when the beat first dropped i was like :eek::eek::eek::eek:.. this was like the 3rd or 4th time i got high
  5. i like ATliens :D

    my 1st ones were:

    foe tha love of money, 1st of the month, notorious thugs, dayz of our livez, buddah luvaz, shoot em up, body rott, mo murda, thug mentality, ecstacy, etc..

    basically a mixed bone CD and i bumped it nonstop for a year straight. it never left my cd player.
  6. Anytime i listen to "Sacrament" by Lamb of God, it always remeinds of working at Target, sitting in the parking lot sniffing coke. Thats kind of why i don't listen to it anymore.
  7. Dr. Greenthumb by Cypress Hill
  8. clint eastwood - gorillaz
  9. Buffalo Soldier bob marley came on as i hit it for the first time, and april 26 1992-sublime was when i first realized i was high, ill never forget that moment
  10. Tangerine Sky by Kottonmouth Kings...

    Followed by 3 Twiztid albums all the way though...

    Sometimes I wish I had no juggalo friends :rolleyes:
  11. First song: I was overwhelmed with musicgasm [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzA6Gl5CYYU&fmt=18"]YouTube - Time to Say Goodbye -- Bocelli & Brightman[/ame]
  12. 2pac- Krazy

    That was the first song I remember smoking to I had to be like 10 I still smoke to it til this day
  13. ha for some reason i listened no surprises alot when i started smoking , still one of my fav songs

    Aquarius - Boards of Canada
  14. People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops
    311 - Amber, Creatures, All Mixed Up
    Afroman - Colt 45
    Mystic Roots - Pass the Marijuana
    Cypress Hills - Hits from the Bong, I Wanna Get High
    Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes :)

    much, much more...

    ATLiens is amazing, btw. :D
  15. Pink Floyd Matilda Mother (Pretty much the whole Piper at the Gates of Dawn Cd)
    Scorpions - Born to Touch Your Feelings
    King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson King
  16. pink floyd, 2 suns in the sunset
  17. Incubus - Morning View... yeah, not just one song, but a WHOLE album.

    I bought it the first day I smoked... and was in love.
  18. 2pac Krazy, thats a really good one, rep+ I love that song
  19. Afroman - Palmdale

    Song about home, and just reminds me of chilling with my best friends during the summer starting out our smoking experiences
  20. hahahaha
    Finger Eleven - Paralyzer

    the VERY first song I heard when I was high

    it was soooooooo long lol :p

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