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What songs do you like to listen to high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokinallthetime, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Here is a playlist I always blaze to, I was wonder what songs y'all like to listen to when y'all get high?
    Juice J-Smoke dat weed
    Styles P- Good Times
    Three Six Mafia- Where is The Bud?
    Three Six Mafia feat. Lil wyte- Get High to This
    Boyz n da Hood - Bite Down
    Devin the Dude feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000- What a Job
    Lil Boosie - Smoking on Purple
    Lil wyte - My Smoking Song
    Lil jon feat The Eastside boyz- Da Blow
    Lil Wanye- Love of My Life freestyle
    Young Buck- Puff Puff Pass
    Slim Thug - I'm Back
    50 Cent - High All The Time
    Lil wyte- Get high
    Collie Buddz- Come Around
    Lil Wyte- Smoke My Dro
    Young Buck- Gettin High
    Ludacris- Everybody Drunk
    Warren G- Lets Get High
    Chopper- Mary Jane ([ame][/ame], hard to find,but i gave you a link:D)
    Serius Jones- Smoke
    Wiz Khalifa - Smokin good
    Ludacris- Blueberry Yum Yum
    Boyz in da Hood feat. Gorilla Zoe- Bite Down(its different than the other)
    B.O.B.- Cloud 9
    Cypress Hills - Dr. Greenthumb
    Cypress Hills- Hits from da bong
    Collie Buddz- Mary Jane
    Collie Buddz- Herb Tree
    Collie Buddz feat Roach- Sensimella
    Kid Cudi feat Collie Buddz - Day N Night Remix
    Super High Me - I smoke every strain
    Afroman - Crazy Rap(long original ver.)
    Bob Marley - Buffalo Soilder ( long)
    RICK JAMES BITCH!- Mary Jane
    Eddy Grant- Electric
    Mystic Roots- Pass the Marijuana
    Alborosie- Herbalist
    Eminem Feat Dre- Old Time sake
    Lil wyte- I Know you strapped
    Three Six Mafia- Bin Ladin Weed
    Project Pat- Blunt to my Lips
  2. This is literally the 5th thread of this same shit I've seen today, there's a music section for this. If you must know I prefer some Taylor swift or lady Gaga while I'm high.
  3. stop posting this shit man, not to be rude or anything but there are to many posts of this jeez
  4. mainstream shit

  5. what i grew up to, 90s rock, check out the buzz cuts collection for all u 90's peeps
  6. Sorry guys, I was unaware that there was a "music hall".
  7. My playlist includes..
    Gorillaz- revolving doors, some kind of nature, latin simone, man research

    RJD2- mooore, small plans, murs beat, high lights, the chicken-bone circuit

    The Beatles - Im so tired, flying, i want to tell you, i want you

    Sound Tribe Sector 9 - re-emergence, tokyo

    And theres more I dont feel like typing!!:smoke:
  8. kid cudi mr rager , well any cudi songs
  9. I love listening to thrice when I'm blazing on the beach. I'm not religious at all but they have some chill songs that are great by the sea :smoking:
  10. Hyyerr by kid cudi
    Knock Knock by mac miller
    Tommy chong by blue scholars

    Really anything from those 3 artists, but those are some of my favorites
  11. I just started smoking again (after a 25 year break) and heard stevey ray vaughn tunes on a ripped cd i had from some tarrentino movies

    and then i got it

    I finally figured out everything there was to know about his music.

    though i can't say it when i'm not stoned.

    since i'm not right now, you'll have to wait for me to get baked before i post what the meaning is.

  12. [ame=]Steppin' Out - With Lyrics - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Cypress Hill
    Dr dre
    various reggae
    Mac Miller
    Method and redman
    various other old school rap depends how i feel, maybe some wu tang, 2pac, biggie, emienm
  14. Odd man out, I like listening to Bessie Smith, Cab Calloway the Atomic Platters collection, and Jawbreaker. It's weird, but those are always in my recently played when high.

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