What song do YOU listen to when getting high?

Discussion in 'General' started by T3cK420, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. for me i usually listen to cypress hill

    I wanna get high
    Hits from the bong
    Cisco Kid

    my top 3 :hello:
  2. weezy as of now:eek:
  3. ooo i see weezy is awesome!
  4. I listen to sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    I can't really give ya' a short answer on this.

    Shortest answer I can give: Mainly Classic Rock. :p
  5. lol the beatles much?
  6. Bone thugs -N- Harmony are the best to listen to while getting high, krayzie bone is too he sings a lot about smoking weed...

    Krayzie Bone- Smokin Buddah (really good song)
  7. i put on come together by the beatles almost every time.
  8. Deff.

    Really enjoy Southern Rock too... CCR, Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, CBD, Allman Brothers, ect.

    Nice sig, btw. ;)
  9. floyd or zeppelin
    depends on what i am doing while smoking
  10. I've been listening to mostly OAR and Massive Attack these past few days at home. Durban has been getting me into this KMFDM stuff though.
  11. Eurotechno/Industrial for the win. :hello:
  12. lol thanks =D

    OMG i luv and i mean LOVE getting high when listen to Weed song by bone thugs. i swear everytime i hear tht song my whole body just relaxes and i dont give a dam about anything.
  13. Everything I listen to when I'm not getting high.
  14. morcheeba - big calm

    best chillin song ever
  15. I usually just enjoy the sound of nature, I sit in my garage outside and just relax,no cars, no loud noises. But when I chill with a group of people, I usually listen to some Slightly stoopid/sublime/311
  16. Paper Planes - MIA. Trust me. You will hear shit if you listen to it high that you never would've heard before.

    You'll just sit there waving your head like a freakin' clown lol! And if your standing up you'll start skipping.
  17. I say of
    you say a
    I say revolution
    and you say die
  18. Dynamite Hack--Boys-N-Da Hood

    The Luniz--I Got 5 On It

    rage against the machine

    dream theatre

    system of a down
  19. Bone Thugs N Harmony without a fuckin doubt..

    Best group ever.

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