What soil would you prefer/and which one do you think will perform best?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Feb 22, 2004.


Which one will perform best?

  1. John Innes#2, perlite, vermiculite, 1 cup fish, blood and bone meal

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  2. 1/2 Miricle grow, 1/2 John Innes#2, perlite, vermiculite, 2 cups fish, blood and bone meal

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  3. Miricle grow, perlite, vermiculite, 1 cup fish, blood and bone meal

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  4. Miricle grow, perlite vermiculite

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  5. Other please state your mixes

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  1. well i mixed them last night, and tried a couple of diffrent ones........the seeds will be planted in a few days........Peace out.........Sid
  2. I don't know. But I am going to use "Hoffman Cactus & Succulent Mix"

    The ingredients are: Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Reed Sedge Peat, Perlite, Sand, and Limestone(pH Adjustor)

    This mix has excellent drainage.
  3. i like your first choice. my mix so far consists of 2cuft of sta green promix, 2 cups each of blood, bone, kelp and manure. holding a pH at 6.5
  4. also managed to find a supply for trace elements as well.......couldn't get them here before.......Peace out...........Sid
  5. what are you using for trace elements?
  6. it's a liquid feed, haven't got it yet, getting it on tommorow......it's got zinc, magnesium, boron, and lots more.......Peace out..........Sid
  7. is this somewhat a mix for your shot at the organics? or is it a semi-organic grow?
  8. well the next grow will be organic, this one i don't have the time to source the stuff, i need this crop ready for before i go on holiday, as when i come back i go here.... www.tinthepark.com a 3 day festival....i'm gonna smoke myself silly........lol......Peace out..........Sid
  9. argghhh :) you lucky bastard, festival seasons round here dont start until the middle of the summer! what a nice break from everyday life. enjoy my friend :D
  10. just curious..

    has anyone done a full grow seed/clone to harvest with african violet potting soil, and/or cactus & succulent potting soil?
  11. I'm going to use Cactus & Succulent soil. I'll let you know in a couple months how it works out.
  12. miricale grow veg...

    and for last transplant i use miricalegrow Flower.....

    i dont add nothing else to the soil but the ferts.....
  13. I dont like using the poting soil. I use compost. For my 70W scrog i just mixed up my soil. Its 3 gal compost, 3 quarts verm, 2 cups bone, 3 cups aged rabbit manure, sand, 2 tablespoons epsom salt and a dash of wood ash.

    I have this mixed and wet down aging right now in abag wiht holes punched in it. Im going to start some bagseeds this week using straing compost with some verm then transplant into my supersoil at week 2 veg.
  14. HIGH All, All I use is Sunshine Mix#4...no additives. Nutrilife's "A" "B" "C" for fertilizer or Fox Farm.

  15. yeah i was looking all over for that soil, but the only thing i found was cocoa shells by a company called "sunshine".......but that's all.......Peace out........Sid
  16. I use pro mix
  17. I use cactus soil with bone and blood meal, and occasionally epsom salts. Does the trick, im sure there are better ways, but the loose soil lets the plants root very quickly, and my 2 plant experiment under this floro is showing promising results.

    Loose soil- faster rooting, faster growth, faster development.
    Regular potting soil- 1/4 the results of the cactus soil plant.

    I won't ever use miracle grow anything; don't need it.

    Having a green thumb is useful for this hobby, and you learn something new everyday!

    I wonder if this will flower under 1 CFL...well, its going to have to. Low yields, here I come!

  18. i use promix

    hard time beating it

  19. HIGH All, sorry sid the company is called Sungro
  20. I use coco mix I find it works fine.

    Keep on tokin'

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