what soil should i use?

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  1. what soil do you recommended for seedlings and veg growth? im currently growing 4 seedlings which are 12 days old. ive notice a slower growth then previous times. i think its because the potting soil im using could have too much mulch in it, slowing root growth. anyone who has knowledge of this feel free to help me out. im using a 400 watt super HPS
  2. Fox farms Light warrior is good for seed starting and for veg - flower use Fox farms ocean forest or almost any sunshine "soilless mix, happy frog makes good soils and products aswell.
  3. I used 80% Fox Farms Ocean Forest and 20% perlite this go around. Boght xheap soil on my first grow and wont make that mistake again. Some say the FFOF is a bit too hot for seedlings, but I just got my pots ready and flushed the soil a few times while the seeds were germing and sprouting in jiffy starters.
  4. foxfarm is my choice as well, i do 4 parts ocean forest, 1 part happy frog.
  5. ....seedling = Promix (no fertilizers)
    ....veg/bloom = FFOF
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  7. more explained..

    SOIL: Foxfarm is my favorite brand when it comes to growing supplies. I suggest Foxfarm Ocean Forest, and some Happy Frog. I do two transplants each cycle.

    First Pot: Small pots are the best for the first one. Lets your seedling get a nice root ball going. In this pot, i use 4 parts happy frog, 1 part ocean forst.

    Second Pot: I use 1 gallon pots as the second. in this pot I use 3 parts ocean forest, 2 parts happy frog.

    Third Pot: 5 gallon bucket. 4 parts ocean forest, 1 part happy frog.
  8. I put my germinated seeds in a 50/50 mix of Light Warrior and Just Right Xtra. After about a week I transplant into 100% Just Right Xtra. No nutrients till two weeks after transplanting and even then a week mix for the first couple of feedings. I've had great success using this method. The last two times I've used the Fox Farms Ocean Forest I've had gnat issues. Plus I believe the Just Right Xtra is simply better.

  9. What parts would you suggest using 2 gallon pots?
  10. It depends, is the 2 gal pot going to be your final pot?

    If its your final pot, go 4:1 oceanforest to happyfrog OR light warrior
    if not, go 3:2 oceanforest to happyfrog OR light warrior
  11. Yes my final will be 2 gallon pots.
  12. Roor organics ariginal for me.
  13. I visited 2 different Hydro stores today. I was turned on to a new soil called "Mary Jane's Blend" certified organic and specifically designed for Medicinal Crops among other uses. Just a $1 buck more than FFOF. Check the page out for yourself. This is my new soil!


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