What soil should I use?

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first grow, I've read up on everything I need to so that I feel confident enough to grow!
    One thing I have yet to figure out though is what spoil composition I should use. 
    The above link is my grow setup, including the soil I intend to use. Any idea on what ratios I should mix them? Also, will that be fine? Is the NPK alright? I want to hear what you guys have to think.
    Also, nutes; I have no idea what to do with nutes, and no idea what nutes I should be getting. 
    So you know, I'm going to be growing an Auto Northern Lights strain.
    Thanks for the help guys!

  2. looks like you haven't read up on everything  :blink: 
    most people will tell you not to use miracle gro but ive never seen that MG perlite, if its just pure perlite then mix it with the other stuff at least 50/50 mix..
    dont worry about nutes.. 90% of new growers fuck up their plants with nutes.. dont over think it, they need light, water, and dirt... worry about nutes later, plus miracle gro usually has a lot of nutes already in it thats why i said to cut it with so much perlite..
    good luck  :smoking:
  3. and dont water it until the soil is almost bone dry, roots need oxygen to grow so dont drown them... another common rookie mistake
  4. I like my moisture meter.
    that works, I usually wait until its so dry the leaves just barely start to droop/wilt... with young plants I just wait til the container is super light
  6. Doesn't it stress it too much if you wait until they droop? New grower.
  7. Saw a quote here recently I loved. Memory is shit so probably not correct word for word but...

    There is a thin line between "I need to water later tonight" and "shit I should have watered sooner"

    Starting to droop, much like they'd look while lights are off is acceptable. Full blown wilting not so much. SSD's advice seems spot on to this long time rookie. Just remember when people say over water they are generally referring to watering too frequently opposed to too much water at once since a properly built soil will drain excess off. 3 years into the hobby and because I'm a boarder line retard I am just now starting to get water/feed schedules dialed in. Be patient and never stop reading/learning.

    The MG hate wagon is strong here on GC and rightfully so probably. I won't ever use it but my boy who does has fantastic results /shrug.
  8. nice bud
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    i seen people use mg with great results. before i found the internet i didn't know that millions of people grew and then put it on the internet to help people to grow.. i used it myself and i used it the right way without anyone telling me. it took me 4 years to dial in using mg for a nute. then the internet come and i found a hydro store and bla bla bla i stopped using it and found better stuff to iuse. if its the best you can get i recommend 20-20-20 at 1/8th strength, use that for a month then go 1/4 strength/ never go past 1/2 strength. hope you can understand
    ps no mg for at least 3 weeks
  10. I've been using fabric pots and elevating them off the ground, seems to work better than plastic pots.
  11. Is your intent to grow organic ? Then your good to go  for at least the first 4 weeks  3 parts soil 1 part perlite. at that point top dress with good quality EWC and some Kelp meal  . 2 weeks after you  flip to 12/12 top dress with rock phosphate or a guano higher in phosphorus ( the 2nd number).
    Water only when the soil  feels dry . 

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