What soil recipes do you guys use?

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  1. What soil recipes do you guys use for a just add water, and few teas, style of growing? I'm interested in trying something along the lines of Subcools Super Soil, or the Rev's TLO soil recipe...

    ( I apologize in advance if this has been asked a thousand times, but I am fairly ignorant about using forums, and couldn't find a way to search this sort of thing, without manually going through every post, which is just a pain in the ass)
  2. Mine's devolved to the following:

    50% Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (Alaska Peat brand specifically)
    25% Organic Parboiled Rice Hulls
    25% Homegrown EWC

    To each 1 c.f. of potting soil I add the following:

    4 - 5 cups of Canadian Glacial Rock Dust
    1.5 cups of a mix I make up that consists of equal parts of kelp, neem and crab meals

    Water on most days with a weekly application of some botanical tea - Comfrey, Yarrow or Horsetail or a combination of 2 or all 3.

    Dat's it.

  3. Due to the local unavailability of some of the finer products I mixed this for my rooting clones yesterday-

    12 quarts Canadian Spaghnum peat.
    8 quarts medium perlite.
    1 quart local nursery compost.
    1 cup extremely aged organic chicken manure compost.
    1 cup dolomite.
    1 cup pulverized oyster shells.
    1/2 cup epsom salt.
    1/2 cup biochar.

    As soon as I can talk the local feed store into stocking rice hulls I will be phasing perlite out of my mixes for good.
  4. poppybgood

    The local farm store I shop at sells a lot of rice hulls. Very little goes into potting soil mixes - majority is sold as bedding for a number of farm animals.

    You might try that route - bedding vs. a soil amendment.


  5. Will do. I was thinking of the "worm bin" approach.
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    LD, is there any recipe you know of for parboiling plain rice hulls? I have a 50 lb bag I would love to treat it if it's not a huge pain. :)
  7. Dont use subcools recipe its not the great, USE THE REVS MIX!!!! ITS SUPER NATURALLY AMAZING!!!! 16 DAYS INTO FLOWER RIGHT NOW AND LOOKS CLOSER TO 20. here is the recipe if you need it.

    Master Soil-Mix Recipe


    2 gal Quality Organic Soil-mix (or good organic recycled soil mix)
    2 gal Thoroughly Rinsed Coir (coconut fiber)
    2 gal Perlite (small nugget size)
    2 gal Earthworm Castings (fresh earthworm castings, and/or fresh compost works too)


    1½ cup Grow or Bloom ‘Pure’ by Organicare (or 1 cup 5-5-5)
    ½ cup Greensand
    ¾ cup Ground Oyster Shells (1 cup if no crushed oyster shells)
    1½ cup Crushed Oyster Shells (optional)
    ½ cup Dolomite Lime (powdered)
    1 cup Prilled (pelletized) Fast Acting Dolomite Lime
    ¼ cup Blood Meal (and/or High N Bird/Bat Guano 12-8-2 N-P-K if flowering 1/8 cup of each)
    ¼ cup (heaping) Feather Meal
    1 cup un-steamed (granular) Bone Meal (like Whitney Farms brand)
    ½ cup Bulb Food (3-8-8 as one good N-P-K example)
    ¼ cup Soft Rock Phosphate (powdered)
    ½ cup (heaping) Gypsum (powdered)
    ½ cup Kelp Meal
    4 cups (heaping) Composted Steer Manure (this inoculates your mix with specialized bacteria and primo organic matter)

    ½ cup Azomite granular (add an additional ¼ cup greensand if no Azomite)
    1 cup Humic Acid Ore granular (like from Down to Earth brand)
    1 cup Alfalfa Meal (or 2 cups pellets – make sure pellets are all organic no additives)
    ½ cup Rock Phosphate Granular (optional)
    1 cup (heaping) organic rice (important for the good fungi in this soil-mix)

    This mix should be moistened (Do not get it soaking wet!) with chlorine free water, and turned over every few days, for about 15 days before use. This is what I call “cooking” your soil, and letting it get pretty dry before use, is fine. The nutrients don’t evaporate or anything, so no worries there, per storage over time. If this soil-mix turns out to be too hot (powerful) for some reason, just cut it with good bagged organic soil until you get the strength your environment and genetics demands.

    I find cooking mine for about 30 days works the best for me, but I have often used it sooner, like at 2 weeks, and just remember the warmer it is outside wherever the soil-mix is at, the faster the cooking processes will happen. You can use a pH meter (soil pH meter) to tell when it is done cooking too. I wait until it is in the 6.2 – 6.8 range, which normally takes about 2 weeks, because as it kicks off cooking the pH will often be very low, like around 4.9 isn’t uncommon when it first starts to cook.


    This soil-mix is meant to be used along with the spike and layer TLO dynamic, and while it is quite capable of standing alone, it works supernaturally when you add the spike and layering dynamics.

    Killer Spike Blends...

    Spike #1 vegg
    ½ cup blood
    ½ cup steamed bone meal
    ½ cup high N bat/bird guano
    ½ cup feather meal
    ½ cup kelp meal
    1 tablespoon ground oyster shell (optional)

    Spike #2 all-purpose/flowering
    ½ cup feather meal
    ¼ cup bulb food 3-8-8
    ¼ cup soft rock phosphate
    ½ cup steamed bone meal
    ½ cup high P bat/bird guano
    ½ cup kelp meal
    1 tablespoon ground oyster shell (optional)
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  8. Does this rev guy have a web site, where he explains his style? I see his name come up from time to time, but I know next to nothing about this guru, lol.......MIW

  9. no he does not have a website that i am aware of, he is the Cultivation Editor for Skunk Magazine (makes high times look like a pot magazine for a child) and every issue he has atleast 1 article on organic grow methods and this style of organic growing, he is currently writting a grow book that is suppose to be release by fall 2012 and its a %100 organic grow bible, hes also on facebook though, look up Skunk Magazine or i think his facebook is The Revsky or something, id have to double check.

  10. MI W

    Maybe this analogy will help you out - that's my intent anyway.

    Comparing High Times Magazine and 420Skunk is pretty much like trying to pick your favorite Menendez Brother - Lyle? Eric?


    See what I mean?


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    Yeah, I quoted the whole fucking thing... Im such a newb at forums... so sorry. Anyhow, I am very familiar with the rev and I am considering using this recipe, the downside, is all the time it takes to track down all of those ingredients, there is a ton of them. I was hoping I could find something effective but with a shorter list like Subcool's Super Soil sized.
  12. EEEwwwwww LD. That was a horrendous case, I watched every f**king minute of it...very pregnant with a 10 pound baby and housebound, and pot-free for a year....sucked to be me! Great case. Poor rich abused bastards with daddy's vaseline jar on the headboard...eeewwwww again.
    Cout TV's inception here!

  13. Considering LD's expertise, experience and wisdom, you would be hard pressed, imo, to find a better mix then the one he mentions above.
  14. Well I ask because a quick glance show almost as much amendments as soil, lol. I thought I made a hot mix, and I gave it 5 months to "cook" only I call it nutrient cycling, and my super star ingredient is compost.

    So you guys growing with this mix? MIW

  15. He is coming out with a book very soon. He is an editor of Skunk Magazine, he writes articles about growing "True Living Organics" style, and is currently my favorite source to get info on growing organically. Look up in google rolanterroy... you may find some of his posts on the net under that name.

  16. Well at least I didn't use Peggy and Bucky McMartin for my analogy.......

    I also didn't mention Newt's sex life - the really icky stuff out there. Imagine settling in for the evening to watch an 'adult video' and suddenly you're looking at Newt and Moms Mably doing the hot & nasty with a really weird sound track - probably something from a NASCAR Rally.

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  17. Just in case..........

    Moms Mably

  18. Feel free to click the link below to go to my journal and read through what I use as my recipe:) I will tell you this. You cant go wrong with the following.
    Alfalfa meal
    Kelp meal
    Earthworm castings
    Rock Dust
    Crustacean meal
    and Neem Cake Meal for pest and fungus deterring capabilities as well as a nutrient profile:D


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