what soil mix is best for Auto flowering seeds

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  1. I'm not sure if this post goes here, please move if so. But I'm thinking about buying some auto flowering seeds to grow and I'm wondering if the soil mix i have planed out is good enough

    Cow Manure 1/3
    Worm Castings 1/3
    coarse sand 1/3

    and i only want to use the most basic soil mix. please send feedback
  2. So you wanna grow organically?

    This soil mix would be too high in nitrogen - and lacking in other essential parts - IMO

    And if you plan on using chemical ferts then you can forget the manure and worm casting because the Synthetic chemical will kills all the microbes in your soil - which defeats the objective. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I like to use the lightest mix possible for growing all cannabis indoors - Coco + Perlite 50-50 mix.

    Coco holds water + nutrients

    Perlite (Processed sand) provides aeration.

    Its a very simply mix

    In nature, roots serve two primary purposes - sucking up water and nutrients + structure.

    Out in a field - if the soil was too light then a plant might fall over in heavy wind - in a grow room this is much less likely - which means we can have lighter + more airy soil, which promotes general plant health.

    Hope this helps!

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